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Thread: Roe Mother and Daughter

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    Roe Mother and Daughter

    I used to watch this family while walking the dog. they were just the other side of the stream:-

    Of course one morning when I didn't have the camera I saw the Buck chasing the Doe and we just stood and watched them for about 20 minutes before having to leave and get ready for work.

    In fact it was amazing how many people walked there and never noticed them .

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    yesterday i was walking the dog with my family. we stopped to watch some fallow with the bins. another family walked by and we got chatting, i asked if they wanted to have a look at the deer through the binos. What deer they said I cant believe they hadnt seen them, all 53 of them.
    If you dont look you dont see.

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    I am not surprised .............. not at all.

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