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Thread: How long for increase in holding variation ?

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    How long for increase in holding variation ?


    Just wondering what sort of lead time you are being told for an increase in holding variation ??

    According to Essex they have a bit of a backlog and so 6 weeks !! 2 weeks just to sort the post !!!

    Target on the website says 4 weeks.

    Not very impressed, or are my expectations just too high ?

    Cheers + ATVB

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    GMP did mine in 6 days, buit I suppose it must depend on workload/holiday periods, after all wheres the rush?

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    Well if it was 6 days and not 6 weeks I would not have posted !!!
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    mine is in for some 1 4 1 's , been a week so far i called them up and was told they are on around the 5th feb post he could see mine but he cant do it as they are doing them in post order and should all being well will take two weeks ,i requested a sec 7 and was told i could have cert back and wait and do the 1 4 1's later after they catch up on the post !! sec 7's are not given out for 1 4 1's any more, when i said should i get pulled they said get the police to call us ? i said what at 3am will you be open then ! i must admit i have never had to wait for my certs before and norm i have just dropped them off and gone for a brew and gone back to collect them done. but the team will not come down to the public anymore. How times change i have also request a visit from my new flo i have left calls but still no reply's from that quarter as well. think Essex are in a bit of a fix at the mo .With lots of investigations into fit to hold under sec 22 going on par 15 disclosure.
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    I am interested to see my new FEO as well.....Guess it will be a bit of a wait....Oh well nothing that can be done about it....
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    I waited 9 weeks for a variation of use and a land check, my FLO was very helpfull, it was basically down to staff shortages and an office move. A friend waited 13 weeks for his variation to come through

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    Got mine in about 7 days recieved on the 29/1

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    Got mine in about 7 days recieved on the 29/1
    Was yours a one for one or an increase in holding ??

    That would be amazing, 2 weeks or even 3 weeks would be ok as I know they received and opened it on 17th Feb !

    Cheers & ATVB

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