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Thread: RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant has left his post......

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    RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant has left his post......

    Thought this might interest some!

    RSPCA chief executive leaves post - Telegraph


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    Picture says it all. Smug git.

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    Probably left with some big pile of loot that supporters will never hear about. Will Brian May be applying for the post? Daft enough to!

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    Hopfully his last post !! he has run them into the ground maybe they will get back to looking after the pets and let the countryside look after the pest's

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    gardening leave or be sacked more like the trustees were worried about their image.yes rabid dogs who rant at the hunting shooting fishing crowd whilst pretending to like animals.anyone who tops 50,000 cats dogs and bunnys every year is NOT an animal cant rehome unwanted cats n dogs when u charge people 80/90 quid rehoming fee.people would love a dog/cat and dont have much money cant afford it.they kill more animals than all the game shoots combined

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    I really hope he got a good pay off......the more they give him the less they'll have in the coffers to put towards prosecuting innocent folk!
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    Well that is very good news. He deserved the sack after the way he has behaved while at the helm. Hopefully the RSPCA will now see the error of it's ways.

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    Jumped before being pushed .. i think.
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