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Thread: Which ATV/Chainsaw course and where?

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    Which ATV/Chainsaw course and where?

    Hi all

    I'm thinking about doing getting the relevant ATV and Chainsaw certificates to boost my chances of getting a gamekeeping or similar job..... my question is, what ARE the relevant ATV and Chainsaw certificates!? I've done some searching on the internet but there seem to be a variety of courses with a number of different awarding bodies etc., and I'm not sure what's best.

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations on where to go for this in Somerset/surrounding counties I'd be very interested to hear.

    Any help very much appreciated!



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    Well it may not be relevant but we were advised that NPTC was the way to go. Now there seems to be some variation and that LANTRA is also fine.
    Someone on this fine forum will have the chapter and verse. Let me say these course are not cheap - although, naturally well worth it in the long run. I believe NPTC does not require retesting. Again, someone will tell us all.

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    ATV (sit astride) + trailer
    ATV (sit inside) + trailer, this will also cover you for argo's

    Chainsaw certificates have been renamed so I don't know the new names but in old money.
    CS30 -basic maintenance and crosscutting
    CS31- fell and process small tree (less than 15" diameter)

    I would also suggest you get
    PA1- Foundation pesticide application
    PA6- Knapsac sprayer
    PA2- Vehicle mounted, not as essential as the above but it means you will be able to use a quad mounted boom sprayer

    Get your first aid as well

    NPTC are the ones to have, retesting depends on your employer (or rather their insurers), and its usually not a retest but refresher training every 3-5 years. Ask your local college about courses.

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    Hi Ben, Rob Blake training down in Bridgwater, chainsaw hope you have deep pockets :-)


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    Thanks all for the very helpful replies! Much appreciated

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