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Thread: supplementary feeding and whats best

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    supplementary feeding and whats best

    hello fellow stalkers,

    i am looking to start supplementary feeding for roe and red in scotland, and i was wondering if any one had any tips on what to use, my agenda is to improve the quality of the roe long term, as they have been historically over shot for some years. There is no longer the standard of head that should be produced, i believe this to be down to several factors, mainly good bucks have not been aloud to come through, competition from reds, and poor natural feeding, i have decreased the shooting pressure and will only be culling poor heads and animals going back, we are also decreasing the red population as much as we can to reduce competition, but will never be able to get rid of the reds as there numbers are just to high, so it just leaves me supplementary feeding to complete the trident approach, my intention is to use mineral licks and feed such as feed beans and alfa f. but i am open to ideas and other options.

    many thanks hope you can help?

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    personally I think you are much better off planting/seeding areas that they will find naturally than using feed supplements
    margin planting with roe specific game crop is a great idea IMO
    species specific height fencing could limit the reds getting the roe fodder in small patches

    I use mineral licks and have some to go out on a new bit of ground

    Horse Licks, Horse Lick Holders & Stable Toys | Hyperdrug

    these work out a 1 a kilo
    dont buy the holders IMO, use a screw and predrill them
    stick them to a decent tree trunk or fence post and it is as much about the seapage down the post as it is the lick itself

    changing population quality is a long game though
    short term gains will be limited

    good luck

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    you'll probably get as many different replies as there are members, but I have had good success, feeding mix of lamb pellets ,rolled oats,flaked peas and soya meal in small mangers made from 1" ply. Reds didn't have access only occasional fallow. The roe took to them readily as they were already used to raiding pheasant feeders. Feeding November to may in the second season average body weights of culled animals had gone up by 3kg . I 'm not sure I would ease of culling though, thin them out hard and there's more of the right food to sustain the remaining deer which should deliver an improvement of body weight and head quality assuming the underlying geology and habitat are not deficient in some way.

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    for roe deer, at what sort of height should the mineral block be mounted?

    i have done them on circular fence post at about a metre off the ground, is this too high?

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    I always feel one of the chief concerns about this it sustainable? Deer, especially in harsh conditions, may quickly become dependant upon artificial food sources-the path of least resistance, and if for whatever reason it dries up this can be to their detriment.

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