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Thread: Miroku Trap Gun

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    Miroku Trap Gun

    Maybe not the best place to ask!

    I'm in the market for a used Miroku trap gun.

    Does anyone know what the main differences are between a 3800 and an MK 38?

    Does anyone know roughly when the 3800 ceased production?


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    The mk 38 took over from the 3800 but can't remember when
    at a guess 15 years
    regards pete

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    This months sporting gun has a used review of the MK38 albeit the Teague sporter and states that it has been about for 'several years' having replaced the 3800. I have had the Teague sporter for @ 7 years and is a great handling gun with no issues so far.

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    There is not a lot between them. I've had my mk38 for about 10 years. It's a trap model. Was full and three quarters when I bought but had it teagued.
    I was lucky. I ordered a grade one but a grade three turned up for the same money. Of coarse I sent it back. NOT.

    Its won me a few quid and paid for itself.


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    I have a mirouku o/u in stock which was teagued from the factory.a trap gun which is sold as there high bird gun very good condition
    drop me your email address and I will send pics and price


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