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Thread: Fallkniven F1

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    Fallkniven F1

    I took one my target shooting buddies out on a stalk, I got him to bring a knife as I knew he has a few, he brought his Fallkniven F1. I got him onto a young fallow doe which he shot (nice easy shot about 50 yards from a highseat). Then I did the gralloch with his knife...

    B*gger me, I could not believe how sharp it was: sliced it open with no effort. So effortless in fact the I managed to nick my thumb! I thought my Mora was sharp, but this was something else!

    Still, it was the first time the knife was used properly Not just there to be admired as finely engineered bit of kit that it is... I did point out beforehand that a plastic sheath is somewhat easier to keep clean, in the end I wrapped it in a food bag before it went back in the leasther

    At 100 quid I'm not sure I'll be buying one anytime soon, though I might invite my mate back

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    Mat, I got the Fallkniven for a birthday present a few years ago. It has made all other knives redundant. As you say, it takes a great edge (something I am not good at doing) and it keeps it.

    I dressed a Sika stag with mine a few nights ago, took the head off also, knife was still very sharp afterwards.

    I think mine cost around 65 when I got it, there was a plastic sheath available as an option at that time, but I went for an open topped leather Ray Mears style sheath.

    Love it.

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    I received the F2K as a birthday present. The F2K is an extremely strong fillet type knife, with a 4.5mm thick tang! This is a great general purpose knife. Fjallkniven are due to end F2K production and the reminaing stock is being sold off at 30% discount, see: Available via Tony Davis at Moonraker Knives.

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    I have a Fallniven F1 and it is the doegs dangly bits,

    laminated VG10 blade and it holds an egde better than anything I have ever had before.

    I went for leather sheath as well.

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    Boy do they take an edge...I nearly cut my finger off with my H1. It went through to the bone with no effort at all!

    8 years plus two sessions of microsurgey later it's still numb!

    Lesson: never cut towards yourself.

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    Falkniven Kit

    Attleborough Accessories have a DIY falken kit for 30


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    Re: Falkniven Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm
    Attleborough Accessories have a DIY falken kit for 30

    Did you mean this?

    Not quite sure it's the same thing...

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    I've had a look around and I can get a Fallkniven U2 for under 60 posted - it looks like it's fine for gralloching, it should take and hold a good edge. The F1 looks like more than I need, I mean it's not like need to split logs on any stalking I do

    Anyone used a Fallkniven U2?

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    Check this out:

    I think the U2 is just a folding version of the F1. I sure it would be ideal.

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    I use the Fallkniven S1, 5" blade & Zytel sheath, perfect for Muntjac up to Red.

    And of course the odd log splitting



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