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Thread: Cz455 trigger

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    Cz455 trigger

    Hi guys,

    having bought a new CZ455 17HMR in a laminated stock, (which i absolutely adore)
    I have one question!
    my hands are quite small (size 7.5) and its a bit of a reach for perfect finger pad placement.
    Is there any way to adjust the trigger backwards? NOT the trigger weight!
    If so, is it a gunsmuith job, or something I could do?
    Cheers for any help.

    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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    sounds like you mean the palm swell, its to big so you struggle to reach trigger,thats the trouble with mass produced stocks that one in particular i had one and swapped for 452 american , its just a little to thick to grip if like me youve got girlie hands, all i can say is bear with it or get it altered a touch.atb doug. by the way there not girlie just wont work as good as they should,cheers

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    Not adjustable, and not easily modified either.
    If it helps I can tell you the Timney trigger on my 452 does set the trigger back a bit further than stock, and it's a nicer shape/feel.
    Not to mention a much better trigger as well, but I suppose at the better part £100 it should to be.


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