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Thread: Kit from Askari

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    Kit from Askari


    I'm in the market for a new pair of stalking / field trousers and despite the fact we're pushing into supposedly more clement weather I'm sceptical and would like something that can stand up to a bit of wind and rain.

    Ideally I'd like some Harkila kit but that isn't going to happen whilst I have a baby and a planned house move this year. So, in the meantime I'm thinking about something like this get up and I'd be grateful for any thoughts on it or reasonably priced alternatives from the SD collective.

    I did a search but the last thread on Askari was from nearly three years ago so I wasn't about to resurrect that one.



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    I've bought a few bits from Askari in the last year. All the hardware (knives etc) were really good and fantastic value. The clothes all came up a bit on the small side (think us Brits are just a bit fatter and taller than our European cousins) and the quality wasn't quite as good as I expected. The stuff isn't bad, its worth the sale prices but if I'd paid what they quoted as the RRP I'd be disappointed.

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    I agree. You get what you pay for. I've bought gloves and trousers and a few other bits from them and it is worth the asking price but I'm not expecting them to last as long as other kit I have from the likes of Laksen, Musto and Orvis etc. They have a minimum order I think its 100 but I might be wrong.

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    Nice one, cheers chaps. Wouldn't expect it to be excellent but would like to think it'd last more than a few outings in the field and probably until we hit the bad weather again in the winter.

    There are a few odds and sods on their site that look good enough value for some family birthday presents too so min order value wouldn't be a problem. I'm flitting between these and some Deerhunter clothing and as I've emailed Askari to ask about stock availability they have the opportunity to rule themselves out by not coming back to me in good time.

    Appreciate the speedy comments.

    Happy hunting.

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    Minimum order is 30 (or euros) so not too much. They do a Mora look a like knife for 2.50 that has a good blade on it. Well worth getting a few for spares, give always etc. every bit as sharp as my Mora just doesn't look quite as nice.

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    Bought a fleece which would have been reasonable at the price but was ripped under the arm seam when it arrived.

    Customer service went a bit wrong then as the phone number diverts to Germany and they just hung up when I started speaking English. Email was a bit better but took a few attempts to get a response and then the arranged parcel collection didn't happen so I had to rearrange a second collection. They then turned up the day before the arranged day (fortunately I was in!)... and then came again the next day!!!

    I've then had to chase up as no acknowledgement of the return or refund. They have responded this week to say they have the goods and refund will be applied to my card "in the following days"... Nothing yet though and it's now been 4 weeks since I started the returns process!

    No reason to think it won't get sorted in the end but just a word of warning that their processes aren't the slickest!

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    Viz a viz nothing but we were at the hunting shop near Ulm today. MSVU (?) - I don't think the third initial is V. Anyway, leather gloves 239 euros!!! I mean, ffs, that is taking the piss. Great shop right enough. Underground range out to 300m plus the shooting cinema and whatever. Worth a visit.

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    I bought a shirt in the Askari sale. There were no buttons on the cuffs, and one missing from the breast pocket.

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    I laughed about these Lederhosen with the Mrs.

    Alas with the other ropey comments about them I think I'll leave these on their site and look for something else.

    Thanks to all for the comments - really appreciate it and turns out my spideysenses were probably right...

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