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Thread: Beaters transport.

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    Beaters transport.

    Wanted... Shoot day transport for around 12 beaters and guns. Trailer type preferred but will consider anything.

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    We may have beaters trailer for sale are upgrading to beater wagon. It's tractor tow seats about 18 uncovered with wide low flotation tires

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    Too heavy and need a bit of comfort. I think uncovered is illegal, if its not it should be!!

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    Following our AGM we would consider a cattle/stock trailer??
    Some on Ebay but anyone on here got one?

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    What about a spud picking canteen trailer. I know where there is one of these. Thought it would make a good shoot trailer. Have to be pulled with a tractor

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    Hi, I have a trailer suitable for want what you need, message back if interested


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    First post...??

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