How cold was it last night???

Remember I am talking south coast of the south west here..........bleeding freezing is how cold it was! Minus 6 when I went to defrost the Disco to get to the shoot:

By the time we got to the shoot things had warmed up a little but it was still very cold out of the sun, no wind though which on one hand was a blessing, on another not to welcome.

Pegs drawn and out onto the Moor for the first drive, not much comes my way but I do get a chance at a snipe, dropped first barrel but for some reason I popped of the second barrel. Cleanly retrieved by Mark......shame about the dog....hehehehe.

Beaters lining out for the off:

Nice red hats!

Belinda trying to steal a Goldie puppy called Norman.....dont ask!

Second drive, thanks to the lack of wind it was decided to push 2 drives together. Unfortunately Alan (Keeper and Boss) had to nip of to the vets with one of his springers as she tore her belly, but he managed to be back in time for the end of the drive. ( I was even let loose to drive the tractor pulling the gun a few shouts that are not suitable for the forum!!!)

Down into the deep and out of the sun....brrrrrrrr

Bit chilly on the peg!

Quiet drive, thanks to the cold and also now the game crop is looking a little thin, nice straight line though.

Lunch called and a very fine break it was too.....thanks to a marriage announcement for a certain Brummy and a few bottles of champers......then Cyril produced a bottle of 1986 Calvados with Hazel Nuts lurking at the bottom.

This was also the time when a couple of announcements were made about next season....somehow I seem to have volunteered myself to sit on the management group.....oops.

Down to the bottom of the shoot and hopes are raised with some early birds.......high and fast. I do managed to connect with the only one that comes my way, and he was travelling!

Newbie Hubby was watching.....

Guns moved around the base of the hill to clear the wood and some stunning birds again.....shame about my shooting!

Thanks to the cold though it was easier to walk the bottom for a change....normally a bit of a bog but this time frozen under foot.

The young Goldie requested a cuddle though!

Final drive, duck and pheasant, by now the sun was getting low but we had a good drive......starting with me getting a right and left........and followed with a nice high single:

Must say it was one of the best days this season for the fun of it.....lots of rib taking, good banter and lots of smiles.

My family seemed to enjoy themselves!

And Benjamin is claiming my last duck....

Just 2 more days to go........shame!

I write a diary of my shooting days over on the Shooting Community forum if you want to see some more, might interest some here.