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Thread: Good service - barefoot leather

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    Good service - barefoot leather

    Needed a new sheath for my knife and could never find one that was just right. Found these (or this) chap through some random route and had a quick chat.

    I sent the knife to him and within the week he'd called me back and suggested a standard option rather than custom and had it all done and formed to my knife and returned. Nice chap, lovely job and about 30 quid for a quality piece of work.

    Would definitely deal with him again.

    Good to find somewhere with a 'yes we can do it' attitude!

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    Attachment 38534Attachment 38532Attachment 38533I have used him before and found him very helpful and value for money.
    There was a time on SD when a set of knives, one large and one small, were being sold in a canvas type case.
    I got in touch with Barefoot and had a case made for each, which was more practical and very cheap, compared to some others.
    He was the same with me ref custom and standard. I wanted/suggested a custom sheath for the smaller knife but he suggested a standard sheath 'cut down' would be a much cheaper and quicker option, which I accepted and as can be seen they are both good quality leather. I dont know whether his prices have risen but I got both cases for 40 and very quick so was very pleased.
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