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Thread: Lakelander model 389 - how bad are they?

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    Lakelander model 389 - how bad are they?

    How bad is one of these?! In my search I have found one with a really good scope and it appears in not bad condition. the price and a warning I have had about Lakelanders worry me, but ultimately the value of the a scope makes it a 150 rifle.

    Thanks for everyone's help to date with my quest for my 270. I was lucky enough to buy my 243 without being blinded by knowledge, and it's been an incredible gun, just worried the little knowledge I now have is a bad thing, can't seem to make my mind up on a rifle.


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    All the Lakelanders I've seen & shot have been fine well made accurate rifles. A bit angular in stock shape on the fore end, but they fit well. The quality of the timber & metalwork fit & finish was fine.
    I wasn't enamoured with the closed, top loading magazine - only because it is a bu**er to clean out. They all fed well enough without jams.
    Bolt nice & smooth and a good trigger.

    I'm curious about the warning you've had - What was it?

    WRT your prospective purchase, as long as the rifle is in good condition & hasn't been shot out, for 150 it will be a real bargain.

    As always with old rifles, get to shoot it on approval & see how it groups if possible. If not at least get it bore scoped.

    IMHO Lakelanders are "Marmite" rifles - some folks love them & others hate them. But they do the job very well & are as durable as any other make.


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    I had one many years ago and thought it was a cracking rifle. Lovely wood and blueing and shot like a dream.

    Swapped it for a Remi 700 VSS. What a bell end.

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    Thnaks Yorric - just something someone said, and others on here have claimed them to be a bit fussy on loads. I really like scandi rifles however (love my husqvarna), and there's a finnish made 270 barrel near me for 25 so maybe if it comes to it, there's a solution there and a nice rifle with a new barrel if I like it.

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    Look up Varberger it's the same rifle under a different name. Some of these rifles were even marketed under the Norma (same as the ammo) name at one time.
    Very good rifles but like all rifles there are are a few points you need to be aware of. I wish I hadn't sold mine, bloody accurate and the rotary mag worked well.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Shut up the lot of you - they are terrible rifles, will ruin your life etc. However, just buy it for the scope and we'll give you 150 for it so all is not lost!

    Try it - as other said, the magazine system in particular isnt everyone's cup of tea, but the company basically failed because its products were over engineered and built. If you really cannot et on with it, you will recoup 150 readily - we seriously would buy it.
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    right, thanks everyone. i'm going to have a go, now time to try and do a deal and get it down to my strike price!

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    I've had a varberger 6.5x55 for a couple of years now; it's a well made and accurate rifle, and a pleasure to use.

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