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Thread: New shooting sticks intreast....

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    New shooting sticks intreast....

    Good Morning all,

    (Note: Mods if and when I decided to import / sell these I will buy a trade membership etc)

    Over the last few weeks I have been looking and trying at new set of shooting sticks. These new sticks are different to what we have on the market at the moment as these are a body mounted stick. Some of you might have seen a body mounted set at the British shooting show (vest mounted) but may have been put off by the price (65 for the basic set)

    Now these sticks are allot lighter, more versatile and cheaper. Below are some videos showing there uses. They can be used on and off the body.

    Now don’t get me wrong they are not as stable as a set of quad sticks but once you get use to using them you will love them. I find they are just as good as my bipod sticks but with more uses.

    The video (and product) is American so some of it may not be of use but there are some main advantages. I for one love the over the shoulder carry, as it is so easy and quick to swing the gun round into the shooting position. I find this great when out with night with the night vision as I don’t have to keep stopping to set my sticks up to scan the fields for rabbits etc.

    The sticks also work well off the body as big tripods but weigh nothing like and can even be used in the prone position.

    Currently these are available to buy but you have to ship from the US (about 2 weeks) I am in talks with the manufacture to bring these to the UK in bulk to then pass a small cost saving on to the UK shooter but also a quicker delivery time.

    Currently these can be bought for about 36 (depending on the dollar rate) Inc postage to the UK.
    I’m currently looking at putting an order in for 50 sets which would work out to about 30 each in postage to the UK shooter.

    So what I’m looking for is any comments from you guys to if you would use these or not and if I was to place an order who would be interested?

    Please feel free to ask any questions and if you are nearby to Nottingham feel free to pop over and try my set out etc.



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    Michael a few years ago now i ordered a few sets for people off here I thought they looked a good idea and when i got them i tried them out I suppose its like anything you need lots of practice to get comfortable using them and actually walking and stalking like the chap in the video does not work for me. I tried with them for a while and i ended up giving them away for someone else to try out.
    I find using normal twin sticks alot easier to get on with and by far more stable.I am not trying to put you off or others because you might like them and get on better. In the end they didn't work for me but i liked the idea,atb wayne
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    Got to agree with Wayne. Don't look anywhere stable enough, but good luck with your venture.

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    I have to agree with the above, they dont look it but when using them they are alot better than they look.

    Dont get me wrong and as said above they are not as stable as quad sticks and nor would i use them for a 150 od yard shot.

    But i have used them out to 100 yards with my HMR on bunnies and for woodland stalking were shots are 80 yards or less then they are perfect.

    I would not say they are to replace normaly sticks but are a great adition to your kit. Deffently if you do alot of close shooting work (under 100 yards) and want to travel light with the fastest set up time possable.

    The other thing i have found when using these if you can get you self next to a tree etc then leaning on the tree adds even more stablity (yes i know you can just use the tree on it's own anyway)

    Open field stalking 120 + yard shots then they might not work but sub 100 yard, woodland stalking, bunny basing etc then they are great.

    But as a normal bipob they work well in all situations.


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    Link don,t work

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMCK View Post
    Link don,t work

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    I think they look pretty good

    only thing I wouldn't use them for is I actually use the folded sticks as a walking aid

    look good for the occasional seated stake out though

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    I think one of these looks more useful.........

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    I purchased these Bipod Shooting Sticks from America on 11/08/13 and have used them with both my Air Rifles, .17 hmr, .22 rimmy, .243 and find they are a cracking piece of kit, i have used them during the day/night, in and around farmhouses and out in the fields with great success. If these had been available in Uk it would have saved me time on awaiting shipment directly from America.
    I hope that you have a good a time using these simple but very usefull sticks as i have had and wishyou every success in bringing these to the use of the many.

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