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Thread: Lincolnshire. meet for chat and drink?

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    Lincolnshire. meet for chat and drink?

    Hi All,

    Recent arrival on the site and only been in Lincs for a few years and I was wondering about being able to meet perhaps for a chat and even drink with others in the county. Willing to travel to do so within reason. Am located near the Coast between Skeggie and Boston but I shoot at Reepham.

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    yes me too mate , im in ancaster

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    good idea in the same area as you Brithunter

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    E=bri 243;404757]yes me too mate , im in ancaster[/QUOTE]

    bri ,thats only cos they not found out bout you yet.

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    Hi Brithunter,
    I am otherside of Lincs but also shoot at Reepham, so dare say we will bump into each other eventually.

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    You're a little late, the original post was 2.5 years ago

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    yes blame me i dont look at things properly, anyway what about a lincs meet up ?

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    let me know - louth here

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    2 and half years late but always up to meet like minded folk

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