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Thread: March Scopes !

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    March Scopes !

    Is anyone out there using one for stalking, how does it perform ?
    Quality Japanese glass apparently and a lot of Mag !

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    best scope I've ever used , I have a metric 3-24x42 and I love it.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I had a 2.5-25x42 on my stalking rifle for a couple of years, lovely scope, very compact and light but it was not good enough in low light for me so I swapped it out for one with a bigger objective.

    I still like them and they have just recently started doing a new range with bigger objectives but I think they are over priced and the glass is not as good as the top euro brands.

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    Interesting, seen the 42mm ones a couple of times,, never hunted with one, but am considering a 52mm one for my new 47l instead of the pm2 which weighs more than a pound heavier. Low light performance is critical for me as new rifle will be used for sitting out at last light. How do you get on swaping between cw and ccw elevation/windage if you still use other scopes?

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    I never found the cw/ccw thing to be a problem for me even though I regularly use several other scopes as well.

    I don't know how well the new 52mm ones work in low light but I have my doubts they will be as good as Swaro or Zeiss, but would be interested to find out.

    I currently use a 2.5-15x56 Z6i with BT on my stalking rifle, it's good but not perfect as it is 1cm clicks and no windage allowance. My current fave would be a Z5 5-25 with custom BT, 0.25 clicks and the new 4W reticle, so smaller click value than a Z6 and you can hold for the wind using the reticle but no illumination.

    The perfect scope just does not seem to exist.

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