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Thread: Android Ballistics App

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    Android Ballistics App

    Can anyone recommend a good ballistics app for Android smart phones? Doesn't have to be too technical, preferably able to give results in MOA and mildots if possible.

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    Streloc, remember, good data in = good data out

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    +1 for Strelok also have Swarovski Ballistic and both are near the same.

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    strelok is free strelok+ 3 or four quid strelok pro i think off hand about 6 quid. atb doug if youve got good quallity scopes they should be on there

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    Strelok is excellent. Very user friendly. The pro version calculates the vertical effect of horizontal winds too. Very cool.

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    Try the Sako Ballistics App it's free and pretty simple.


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