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    we have had snow constantly now since the 16Th of December now it is taking its tole just watched the Great North air ambulance try to land to help out one of my neighbours because on the snow they were unable to land it is now 09:30 and -4 out side not good. the down draft was lifting to much snow from the floor he did try to land three times i supposed to his credit he must have deemed it to dangerous to proceed

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    Have to say I love the dry cold weather, but I hate snow. Snow is hard on both wild and domestic animals and very hard on old people.

    Just came in from getting the papers, it is still -3 at 10.00am.

    Combined with the full moon, it has made stalking very difficult over the past two weeks.

    Our day time temperatures have been pretty much below freezing for over two weeks now, it felt quite mild yesterday, it got up to +2 around lunchtime.

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    What snow is that then?
    This was yesterday. The sun really does shine on the righteous!!


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    How about snow and sunshine? this is the view from my back door does this make me cold but righteous


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    How about snow and sunshine? this is the view from my back door does this make me cold but righteous

    May be Warm & wet John

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    Last night, out doing the usual with the lamp, had to stop climbing when the snow packed hard against the headlamps on the Land Rover, we decided to call it a night @ 1.30 am when the ice started to grow on all the working parts inside the actions, (in slips!)

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    Thought i would have a wonder round with the rifle and the camera yesterday. It was like walking through 6" of cornflakes.
    To deep to hunt the teckle. But did lay out a trail to keep the kopovs nose in. Not a long track only 300mtrs and it was -10 but no problem for the dog.
    As i type this its -17.5 outside and the weather forecast for the next 2 weeks said we are in for much of the same.
    Just another common old Swedish winter

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    well ive been grubbing about this morning , and came accross this little sod !

    i was after his sister but she was behind the bush to the left , apoligies to the quality of the pic holding a mobile and having a rifle on sticks is not easy at -3 ! lol

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    Just got back from a very snowy Scotland and it's the "best" snow I've seen for years. Had the good fortune of meeting a Mr JAYB while up there which was nice aswell.

    Photographed a few herds of Red hinds on the way over Struie

    Sat in a seat one morning, saw a young Roe doe off to my left about 20yds but no chance of a shot or photo, plenty of tracks directly under the seat though if you can make them out.

    And I'm sure there's a pond under that snow somewhere!

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    That's global warming for you!! We've got at least another week of this according to the BBC weather forecast today but looking on the bright side we've got daffodils pushing up at least 4" now and we're several hundred feet up a Welsh mountainside.

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