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Thread: Blaser R93 .308 Barrel

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    Blaser R93 .308 Barrel

    Blaser R93 .308 barrel with iron sights, 14x 1 thread and protector, 1 x magazine = 400.00
    Face to face or RFD charges extra.

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    Hi can you tell me what profile the barrel is please

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    The barrel has a standard Sporter profile, as you are not far from me perhaps you would like a look ?
    If anybody else is interested I am willing to travel a reasonable distance to sell this barrel.
    I have sold the other .243 barrel and want to sell this one quickly so that when I visit Police HQ I can get both variations done at the same time.
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    To The Top !
    I really want to get this off of my FC soon, so am willing to pay the rfd charges if neccessary but would prefer a face to face to make sure the buyer is satisfied with the deal.

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    I cannot believe this is taking so long to go.
    When I was looking for such a barrel in the first place they were as common as Hens Teeth and twice the price.

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    If nobody is interested in this barrel by the end of next Tuesday then you will have lost your chance at this price as it is going to a dealer on Wednesday.
    The dealer has offered me 400 so it must be worth more as dealers never sell at the price they buy !!

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    This is anybodys last chance of a good barrel at a good price.
    I had intended doing my RFD part ex today but something else has come up so I won't be changing it now until The week-end.
    If anybody is remotely interested I would prefer to sell it privately and give a site member a good deal, even at a little less than the Rfd is offering.

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    A 'last minute' holiday has come up so this barrel will still be with me until this Friday 14th March.
    One last chance to sell it privately, any offers of 350 before then will secure it.
    This is a Sporter profile R93 barrel with iron sights with a 14 x 1 thread and magazine for 350.

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    Seems a good price to me. A new one would be double that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    Seems a good price to me. A new one would be double that.
    I must agree and would prefer to sell to a private buyer than someone that is going to stick nearly that much on again.

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