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Thread: Pig hunting.

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    that lot in the Forrest of Dean have some fun dont they........

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    If only.... Don't see that happening in Surrey somehow....

    Great video & yet another interesting way that some of the African tribesman have learned to hunt.

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    nice see the DEFRA rangers have a new tool in the box love the two's up riders looked like a pair on a Caf'e Norton racer

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    How does the law currently stand on boar shooting in the uk? Caliber, time of year, Day & night etc?

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    Just off to look for a few Baboons, might make the Muntjac a bit easier?

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    That is one of the craziest videos I've seen for awhile !!
    How on earth would they get them to 'ride a pig' if you know what I mean ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve109 View Post
    Yes they know how to hunt down south.

    yep said on the news!!! some parts of the uk are unrecognisable
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