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Thread: Place to store my Firearms

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    Place to store my Firearms

    If there is anyone leaving in the Nottinghamshire (esp Newark) who could help me with the storage of my stalking rifle please inbox me.


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    I fear that the constraints of the law make this impractical, without the expense of a variation or a separate cabinet, for any private individual. There is an RFD, with premises, near Newark and that is Roy Martin, I am cure that there will be other RFDs too.

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    Impractical but not impossible. Having said that I would not be arranging joint storage or even signing 'legal ownership' of a rifle over to anyone else but a close friend under these circumstances. I think you might be asking for trouble otherwise! RFD is the way ahead I think.

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    enfieldspares Roy martin is 20 miles away from me,

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    jcmita you haven't made your requirements clear. Are you looking for a RFD in the Newark area with which to store your firearms?

    You are surely not suggesting lodging them with a person unknown to you are you, and if you were what sort of arrangements were you attending to put in place i.e. signing them over, seperate gun cabinets etc.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    are you looking for long term storage, or somewhere to lodge your rifle and be able to access it as and when you want to take it stalking?

    if the former, shouldn't be a problem to find an rfd to store them. If the latter not sure it's really feasible realistically.

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    Hi John,
    How long are you talking about regards storage, you aren't talking about just going on holiday for a few days/weeks are you ?
    Or is it a six months contract abroad, if it is, then in that case an RFD is the only option.

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    I have looked after a friends rifles whilst he went through a rather lengthy and messy divorce. They were entered onto my ticket as storage only and not to be fired. I had the bolts and ammunition as well. One was a calibre which I didn't even have on my ticket (.243). The difficult part might be finding someone with a big enough cabinet though! RFD or even the police armoury might be the best option.

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    Go see John Pinder at Caunton Country Supplies, sure he will help you out and only a few klicks out of town, want his number ?
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    I have been he doesn't have spaces

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