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Thread: .375 H&H Ammunition

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    Question .375 H&H Ammunition

    What are people paying for their Ammo?

    Anyone know of anywhere that has (or might have) Federal 300 grain Barnes Triple Shock in stock

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    Only thing I can suggest in the absence of anything better is to firstly ring GMK who import Federal ammo and ask if they have any. Then ask them to give you some names of Dealers close to you who can order it in for you.


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    reload, best way forward and buy the bullets from cliffs gunsmithing

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    In Academy Sports last week (USA), and Remington 270-gr was $55.00. Barnes 300-gr was $69.00.
    I have a 270-gr load which has shot well in every .375 H&H I have owned, so I have not bought ammunition in 10 years.
    I do plan to develop a milder load with 235-gr bullet so I can do more hunting with my Sako Finnbear, and I may try some Accubonds or TSX bullets at some point.

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    Thanks folks. Drew a blank with GMK - none coming in the next shipment either.

    Just made a couple of calls and think i have tracked some down elsewhere though

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    I reload its far to expensive to buy over the counter stuff for 375

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    I reload its far to expensive to buy over the counter stuff for 375

    Maybe one day in the future i will get into reloading but my trip is next month so not an option for now.
    Out of curiosity what does a reloaded round cost you ?


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    28 cents powder - It requires about 70 grains of RL-15, H-4350, etc, so 100 loads per pound
    3 cents primer
    70 cents a bullet - 50 / box for $35.00
    60 cents new brass, but if you have fired brass, you obviously don't have that cost.

    So, it costs about $1.60 US for new brass loads, and $1.00 for reloads in fired brass.

    If you drop down to a lighter bullet, and a milder load of H-4895 for deer or practice, your cost falls to about $15.00 a box.
    You could shoot cast lead at 1,800 fps for a light hunting load, with very little powder, for maybe 45 cents a round.
    And believe you me, a 250 to 300 grain bullet at a MV of 1,800 will flatten big deer at 100 yards. Have not done it in a .375, but with a .45-70 and .444

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    I'm running my 375 on
    300 grain sierra bullets 54.00 for 100
    H4895 - 44.50 one tub does about 100 bullets
    Rem Cases 100 for hundred, 8 - 9 loadings out of them
    Federal primers 35.00 per thousand
    So my calculations roughly about 1.00 per round if my maths is right !

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