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Thread: ASE Northstar

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    ASE Northstar

    Anyone using one of these and having a problem with it loosening itself off ?
    Any sugestions

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    No personal experience of this make myself, but this happens on odd occasions with quite a few mods, sometimes without explanation, sometimes due to bad machining / parts etc, you possibly could have a thread that is worn or just slightly off spec, is it coming loose regularly? Just on the flip side , I have a .223 that does'nt even need to be fired to need a oil filter wrench to remove it's T4,(almost), this due to a slight thread pitch issue. Steve.

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    i have no knowledge of these but could you just put a small amount of ptfe tape on the thread to tighten thread up abit.have you tried another mod as it sounds that one of the threads is cut slack.

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    I just got a new one fitted on my .270 a coulpe of weeks ago it did loosen itself a fair bit when I was zeroing it, I just assumed that I hadn't tightened it properly but have screwed it on as hard as I physically could and it still comes loose! Just thought I'd let you know you're not the only one!

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    Got one on my 6.5 x 55. I have the opposite problem and find it quite difficult to remove! Much more so than the T8 0n my 30-06



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    I also have one on my 6.5 x 55 Sako; it did loosen once when I did it up very lightly, but since then I have given it a little bit of a "tweak" and it has been no trouble.

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    I will be shot down in flames her but
    Is your barrel thread in the same direction as the mod or against the thread. If in the same direction it is logical it could come loose (Lorry Wheelnut problem if against the direction of rotaton it could tighten. Remeber the barrel and mod heat. Mod moves one way or tuther and as it cools it is either tighter or slacker.
    Just a theory

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    I think a problem like this was on here a while back and was solved by cleaning the threads with meths on the barrel and in the mod.


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    i got a north star on my .243 an no problems with it,

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    i got one when they came out put on a 243 never had a problem . Better than the t8 i had before the only thing is the length of the thred seems a bit longer than normal mods i wouldnt say its any better than any other make but it was cheap at the time and it seems to work shot about 200 rounds through it to date only time will tell

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