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Thread: plantation permissions

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    plantation permissions

    Interested in hearing from anyone that has had any dealings with the body "Till Hill" who are part of the UPM. I've had my eye on a plantation near to my permission where i believe there is plenty of deer activity.

    I know these small areas of land are difficult to obtain but i'm not letting that put me off. Can anyone tell me what a yearly lease would be for a small plantation, are there negotiations as i would like to confirm my beliefs before investing funds?

    The manager of the area was very helpful and informed me that the prerequisite was DSC1 and insurance, he then asked me to draft a letter with some information about myself.

    Thoughts please?

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    I've dealt with them a number of times - pretty straight I would say.

    Having said that this was in my area (North Scotland) - and the guy dealing with these applications (Lief Brag) is fairly well known for being both an enthusiast (sometimes difficult to get off the phone if you get on to pig hunting!) and a straight shooter.

    I wouldn't have any worries. Can't say what the going rate would be in your area - bit more than here though!

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    dealt with them many times and still do , depends on what deal they have in place with landowner , they will be managing the trees but not necessarily the stalking rites
    regards andy

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    Thanks for your replies so far lads. Its new territory for me.

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    I worked for them 12 years ago as a tree surgeon...tried to get into there own deer management side but no luck...they had an office at jedburgh.....

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    I have a meeting with one of there head chaps on Friday I can ask a QUESTION OF HIM IF YOU LIKE PM ME IF YOU WANT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    I have a meeting with one of there head chaps on Friday I can ask a QUESTION OF HIM IF YOU LIKE PM ME IF YOU WANT.
    Do Tilhill have areas around our shooting areas David ?

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    No mate but they did plant some of the siding round the M80.they planted 200 acres in lesmahagow two years past and have a big hand in the Green net work.

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