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Thread: SNH General Authorisation

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    SNH General Authorisation

    The current general authorisation runs out on 31st March - does anyone know if another will be in place come 1st April?

    I do know that there was a consultation going on until (I think?) 31st January re the suitability (or otherwise) of the dates on the authorisation - I have seen no outcome from this - and I have looked. Personally I think shooting females from 1st September is ludicrous - how can any calf/kid hope to survive when it will still be on milk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by news of the world View Post
    Shoot the dependants first!
    You can only shoot them if you can see them - all of my culling is in forest of some kind - in that kind of situation its usually a case of shoot now or just don't shoot. Until the dependants can survive (or at least have some chance of surviving) - I just don't.

    Anyway that wasn't the question - nobody any the wiser?

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    yes the GA runs over as is unless specified changes are to be put in place providing your F&C status remains valid to act under it. The culling of females from sep 1st is not just a case of see it shoot it, you would be an authorised person following best practice. You would be expected as a controller (not a recreation stalker) to establish if present and shoot followers first. If you can't do that then you would not just shoot. Controllers are still bound by legislation intended to prevent suffering to animals through our actions. If the kids scatter and were not shot you have failed in your basic moral and legal responsibilities.

    Having said that bucks would always be in deep s4it when seen...
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    The critical part for me was anyway not the shooting of females but red stags - we commonly get an influx of young marauders in April when they get kicked out by the hinds.

    In any event the GA does not require F&C status - read it here - - see "5" on P3. I am not in fact on the register though could be as I have DSC2 - I just don't feel happy about shooting any females out of season and have no need of using a light.

    I take your point about shooting the followers first and agree that as "best practice" that is what we should always strive to achieve - but as you doubtless know if you try this in the woods you will only ever shoot kids - unless you are in the open with a moderator the doe will clear out and keep going. In truth I would reckon without looking through my sheets that about 75-80% of the roe I have shot since mid-October were kids anyway.

    Anyway it looks like I will need to phone SNH next week - if I get an answer I will keep folks posted.

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    Yes you don't need F&C but you have authorisation whether as the land owner or someone authorised by them. I don't know what your question is?!

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    Wasn't a question it was an answer - you said -"...providing your F&C status remains valid to act under it."

    In any event the landowner cannot give authorisation to shoot out of season - unless either the GA or a site specific SNH Authorisation is in place - and that includes shooting red stags in April.

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    no your wrong sorry, you obviously have authority to shoot over someones land if you shoot there. You're going on about shooting out of season under GA but you can't just pop deer out of season because you feel like it, you have to have a necessity ie crop damage. I never said the land owner gives you oos authorisation but you can act on their behalf

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    I have written authority to shoot certain specified areas of forest from the landowner. That authority comes with a written instruction to shoot all deer when seen within the limits of the GA - which is appended in full to my authority. You presume too much - the estate owners have very good reason for requiring a reduction to damage to, particularly, restocks and I come under some pressure to greatly reduce the number of deer. This has happened, we have shot several hundred over 3 years or so - it never seems to be enough.

    So - I am not sure what I am "wrong" about?

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