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Thread: Looking for a lintran box

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    Looking for a lintran box

    Can you get these anywhere other than direct? Does anyone offer slightly reduced prices compared to their own rrp?
    After one for a new audi A3 which on their website is the db14 hatch 339 I believe.....
    any suggestions?
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    I boughht one from Lintran about 3 months ago. Although mine wasn't off the shelf so had to wait. If you are REALLY lucky then you might find one 2ndhnd on ebay or gumtree etc. TBF the 2ndhnd ones I saw were not that much cheaper.

    being local I just popped up to see them and get a good hands on idea of what I wanted. As to other places having them cheaper, I very much doubt it unless they have some in stock they are trying to shift. Reason for that is that they pretty much make them to order and it's very unlikely that someone has loads lying around unsold.

    Also have a look at Trans K9, my mate has just bought one of these for his Toureg and it looks really cool. My Lintran however is 3 months old and looks like it's been to Afghan and back as my 3 are in it at least twice a day and sometimes all day (back of an L200) and often covered in sh!te....

    if it's going in your A3 then maybe it wil get looked after a bit better and then the K9 maybe a better option?

    That at being said despite the owner of lintran having little or no bedside manner I cannot fault mine.
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    CAB transit boxes are better than Lintran and K9 by miles.

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    Agreed. CabBox are the best by miles but try searching "dog box" on eBay. You'll be surprised at what you find.

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    Got my lintran off ebay last week, took time to find one up here but worth the wait, couriers want 50 to ship!


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    Hi Deerstalker.308,

    Phone Lintran they often have trade ins at reasonable prices. Always found Lintran a good company to deal with and found their products excellent.

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    Thanks all. Appreciate the input
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    id have a look on ebay theres always loads on

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    I have a spare one , it's quite big as was in a disco 2 if you need some measurements please pm for details , atb Brian

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    Another CAB fan, had mine 6 years draws and dog box, like new, well worth the money.
    have a look on CAB website they sometimes have second hand box's available.
    atb Dean

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