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Thread: Dsc1 revision guides ??

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    Dsc1 revision guides ??

    Does anyone know what is a good revision guide for this course , or does anyone have one they have used they r looking to sell plz ? Cheers jay

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    As soon as you pay for the course, you should then be issued with a manual, with all the knowledge you will need.


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    Or subscribe to the Best Practice guides - everything you could need and a good source of reference going forwards.

    The banks of DSC 1 questions are available for download from DMQ's website: DMQ Setting the standard for wild deer management

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    I found this an invaluable learning resource.... Deer Stalking Certificate 1 Training - Home learning

    subscribed for 3 months and by the end of it I was getting 100% in all sections.
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    As Si said...that site is great.

    Some of the answers are incorrect but on the whole I found it a great revision aid to my DSC1 course. It helped me focus on the questions that would come up in the test which meant that my revision was centred around this knowledge whilst taking in the other facts - just knowing that you don't have to remember everything you read is invaluable.

    Great site and at 10 for the month I think you'd struggle to find another revision aid that is such good value.

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    Thanks for the replys , got it sorted now

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    as chuck said great site ,you can do mock tests .only thing I will say is the id photos are not the same as you get on the test .so learn the differences between the six species . look at there asses .

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    Think dcs1 home learning course is excellent. I am learning just through going through their questions. Google it.

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    I am using this for my revision rather than the book. Wasn't ware some if the answers are incorrect. That is a but scarry.

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    Fill - everyone is different and how they best learn varies. We make use of DSCtraining as an option for students with us - and all feedback is very positive. Keeping that sentence in mind, we have found a few students 'learning the questions' as opposed to 'learning the material'. Our advice is that a good study manual is invaluable and should be as a minimum a constant reference through your study.

    Regards the questions and answers on the site - there where some historic wrinkles, but so far as aware it should have been showing all correct answers for all the main question banks for quite some time now. Steve of DSCtraining visits on here and is easy to contact via the site details or people can funnel any queried answers to me and I'll pass them on.
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