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Thread: Eydon/kelly storm kettles cheap

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    Eydon/kelly storm kettles cheap

    41 posted for the 1.75 pint brand new and boxed. I'm not making any money off this but my old man bought a batch of them a while back with a view to selling them on evilbay but never bothered and has a pile of them in the spare room p***ing off my mother

    Got one myself and its cracking for a quick woodland cuppa or hot lunch - burns twigs or pretty much whatever you choose to bung in it. No smelly fuel to carry and ecologically sound .

    I'd be doing him a favour getting rid of some!!! I think he might have some of the bigger ones too at a couple of quid more. They are Eydon kettles - basicaly exactly the same but apparently slightly better made. Normally these are 45 plus post.

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    I always had a Kelly kettle with me in the truck when away for a weeks stalking or two, a link to the Eydon type would aid in comparison for those thinking of putting one in the kit. Steve.

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    Those are the eydon ones - allegedly better made than the kelly type. ALthough I've never personally seen the two side by side, the eydon is impressively built.

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    All cook kits sold now. Quite a few kettles left in 1.75l and a couple in the larger size.

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    Do these have the little support for them to sit in as it seems to be an extra on the website, never had one but always liked the look of these kettles but wondered about how stable it would be without a stand?

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