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Thread: stalking coat

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    stalking coat

    anyone ever tried one of these coats ?? i was given it today and its never been worn till i tried it today its warm il give it that and keeps the wind out as i found out today but i already have stalking jackets and not sure what one to sell how much are these worth ??Click image for larger version. 

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    After being given it would it not be better giving it to someone who cannot afford one!

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    well i need the money towards other stuff so i wouldnt give this away i was told if i dont want it sell it i need to buy scope rings and other things

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    the coats are 59 quid on ebay s/hand.doug.
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    Well try google.......I just did, new they are 80 odd I'd say 30 someone will have it.....

    Lavenir Tweed Shooting Coats

    beaten by andrufox......ho hum!
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    well its never been worn till today so il sell it for 40 if i do then

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    an thats used on ebay for 59

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    I stand corrected,nice coat though look nice in my wardrobe warminster thats were dads army patroled i think or was that warminster on sea. wonder if its getting older getting heavier size,
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    pm me if u want it bud and warminster wiltshire i live at bud there is a big barracks here so possibly

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    did it come with a Sherlock Holmes hat and a pipe?

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