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    dog insurance

    Can anybody suggest a good insurance company to get insurance for my cocker bitch that I am due to uplift on 1st Feb


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    NFU will insure working dogs and the cost is comparable with others.

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    I'm now with NFU too but, thankfully, I have not yet had the need to test it. I have had house contents insurance with them for years and had to claim twice, both times they handled things very well. The best part is that you get to deal with a real person, usually in an office in your nearest large town. Whatever you do, don't go with Direct Line. I won't go into details but I had a very very unpleasant time with them last year when my dog was killed in an accident. JC

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    hi...i went for after some reviews on pigeonwatch i think, that was about a year ago, but since then it has gotten slated by some. i think David from BASC was recomending them when i got mine a year ago but havent heard anything since, and not had to test it either...

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    Pet Plan are good.

    My cocker is with them and broke his leg. They were very prompt at paying.

    I would sugget that you read the small print about limit of cover as i didnt!


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    Dog insurance

    Pet Plan are very good at paying out in full, although they are not the cheapest provider.
    My older lab (now 13) had a 3,500 grand operation (two years ago) on a rear leg and has been restored to full service vs being a cripple (we paid the 45 excess). They also pay the 1 day anti-arthiritic pills. That said the premiums keep going up (well she is 13 years old) and have just gone over 40 per month.
    The three yr old lab costs mid 20's a month.
    Expensive things dogs!

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    I think that i pay 16 a month for my young cocker but i waish i went for the one higher as my cover fell a bit short (in all fairness it was a horror show and went wrong 3 times!)

    Go for the better cover and you will regret the little extra per month less than the lump sum when you exceed the cover!


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    Just a word of warning, some say they will insure working dogs but then don't actually cover you in the event of a claim, so be very careful about the small print, just to check that what you are doing with the dogs is covered.
    Secondly very few cover dogs that are used for breeding, so if you lose a bitch in whelp, you may not recover your costs.
    Thirdly, if you have anything out of the ordinary and want to insure for more than a nominal purchase price, you will need an independent third party valuation. i.e trained dog value or stud value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza
    NFU will insure working dogs and the cost is comparable with others.
    I went into my local NFU broker and they would NOT touch my 2 springers because we didn't have house insurance with them


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