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Thread: Starting reloading

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    Starting reloading

    Looking at starting reloading for 243 initially then 308.
    I have the Hornady lock and load press, but I'm aware I need dies , scales, powder measure, tumbler etc.
    I woulld like to try to buy everything once rather than buy items that I would probably want to upgrade eventually.
    Looking for advice, and I suppose trying to learn from mistakes made by others that have started reloading.

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    give 1967 spud a shout.
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    Best advice i can offer is find someone local to teach you the basics, small steps first! I learnt from an older chap near to me.

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    I may be able to help a little, where abouts in S-Yorks are you, pm if you don't want to go public.
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    hi there im here if you need any help

    but in the mean time here is some reloading porn for you to look at and get an idea of hows its done

    watch the first clip then the second
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    I am planning to do the same. I have been reading the latest Lyman guide to get me started & am getting an idea of what I want but have decided that I want to learn properly from the start, so am looking round for a good 1 or 2 day course. I would also like to get together with someone local to do some .243 & .308 reloading.

    Does Spud do a reloading course or can anyone recommend a good one? The BASC looks OK but is not on very often in the South East. I mailed Precison Reloading AKA R.Simmonds but did not get an answer; he has a good reputation from what I can see so may give him a bell. Not sure about the NRA one at Bisley. Opinions would be useful.

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    to be honest you can learn what you need to know to produce safe quality ammo in about an hour tops . the vid above covers nearly ever thing for basic safe reloading, when you start to delve deeper if you need to thats when exsperience in the basics is needed

    i dont do any courses as i would have a job to fill up more than an hour of talking to you

    the best way top learn is sit down with a mate or shooter in your area who is al;ready reloading and watch and learn

    the bibiggest safety tip ids get a decent manual
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    Meant to also add in caps by the way

    always always always work up loads whether it is published load data or a reccomended load from another shooter

    what may be safe in their gun MAY NOT BE 100% garanteed safe in yours even if its same rifle /caliber
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neumo View Post
    so am looking round for a good 1 or 2 day course.
    Every reloader i know would kindly give up their time to pass on the craft, hopefully someone from your area will be along to help...

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    Courses seem few and far between, however Frank's not far away from you. Metallic cartridge reloading courses

    In terms of kit, I bought a RCBS kit and most of it has been moved on. Reloading like lots of activities has a learning curve. How far you proceed up the learning curve depends on lots of things including how keen you are, how deep your pockets are and whether or not you want to shoot to a 1000yds or more. Given you are already looking at training, I suspect you will find it hard not to upgrade elements of your reloading kit in time.

    Pick someone local to you in the real world to turn to for advice.

    Have fun.


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