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Thread: Hand weighing scale. 75 lb/34 kilo.

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    Hand weighing scale. 75 lb/34 kilo.

    An excellent scale with a round face of about 7cm in diameter and an easy grip handle.
    When a deer or other object is hung upon the scale the red pointer shows the weight and when the load is removed a black pointer shows what the suspended weight had been.
    Item is in fine condition. A bargain at 13 postage paid.


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    You have a PM
    Kind Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranhill View Post
    You have a PM
    Thank you Sir, my PM to follow.
    Item is sold to `Cranhill` subject to the usual.

    Regards, HWH.

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    Your cheque has just arrived.
    I will post the item this afternoon.
    Regards HWH.

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