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Thread: Number 5 let me down

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    Number 5 let me down

    Some of you may have remember but last spring I asked for recommendation on a calibre for my first deer rifle, following lots of advice I settled on a 7mm 08, due to the lead in times of a Sako in the calibre, I went to visit Dave at Valkyrie rifles who had a donor tikka action following a long wait for the McMillan stock I collected the rifle mid December. Straight over to Bobs and he Zero'ed it in for me, and showed me how to go on, with 140 grain federals, it really seemed to like them.

    Due to work and other commitments, I did not get chance to try the rifle on anything but a target until early February. A keeper mate had been having trouble with fallow knocking over and raiding his feeders. So asked me to come down to Hampshire to see if I could get one with the new rifle, the morning arrived, and found us sat in a high seat overlooking a clearing in the wood. As it got light I spotted a fox coming across the clearing, as it trotted across the ride I said I would shoot it, it had to take priority over a deer, cross hairs on it and the first shot in anger and a fox in the bag, my mate turned road and said well that's buggered the deer, let's go and see if we can stalk something.

    We we stalked down the ride and up through the side of the wood, when he suddenly stopped, and pointed out a buck and a doe, they spotted us and were off, so we went on a bit further when he stopped again and whispered 3 does, pointed them out, but my novice eyes couldn't see them in the woods, to which he responded over there you blind bugger. Finally I spotted them after what seemed an age, up on the sticks which I had from remi, just behind the front shoulder, safety off, bang and the deer walked in circles and then dropped, we gave it a few minutes and went over to it, it had not been far away, probably only 60 yards, but my first deer with the new rifle, up until now all the deer I've shot have been gralloched by my host, but knowing I wanted to gave a go, I was told to get on with it, but supervised. I was told next time I would be better to go a little higher. Probably not the tidiest gralloch in the world but job done, my host said we will put it out of the way and come back later and collect it.

    We then continued to stalk through the woods, bumping another pair of roe, so pushing on, the we came across a group of approximately 30 fallow, my host had been hoping to get me a nice buck, but the only shot which presented itself was a doe so up on the sticks, remembering to aim a little higher, remember breathe, gentle squeeze, again, bang watch the deer, walks in circles, falls over, watch, leave a couple of minutes, head over to my first fallow, I was surprised by how big it was, again told to get on with the gralloch. Better this time more confident, but what surprised me was the size of the thing. Gralloch complete we dragged it to a road way and went to get the Polaris, picking up the roe and the fallow and back to the cold store, I later learned my doe went 89lb head and hoofs off.

    Last week I was invited on a cull where another mate is trying to get the numbers of Munties down, sat in my high seat after a particularly difficult week at work it was nice to wind down. Part of the brief for the evening was any fallow, muntie does but no muntie bucks if you can help it. Just before dark a munty appeared up on it with the scope for it to turn into a buck lovely looking beast, antlers about 2" above its ears, so just sat and watched it, Really interesting time observing it. But no shot fired.

    Today day I was out again trying to get a fallow, we stalked up through the woods, and a muntie was spotted, it was a young buck with very small antlers, so I was told to take it, up onto it remember everything I've been told, squeeze and muntie buck in the bag, that's another one I'm told to gralloch, seemed a lot easier than the fallow.

    So 4 shots for 4 different species.

    we the stalked on though the woods when my host spied a muntie doe and told me to take it if I could, cross hairs just behind the shoulder pull, crack, and no deer, only to be told you'll pulled off that one, remember to squeeze. We talked about it and it was a great leveller.

    There re were another two fallow bought back to the larder today which I gralloched under supervision, I would say I'm far from confident when doing the gralloch, but thanks to two great friends I have 5 supervised grallochs under my belt, so would feel ok about doing it by myself if I took my time. Which is good as I have been very lucky because I have been asked to reduce the number of roe on some ground where they are damaging the flowers they grow.

    So shot number 5 let me down. But it was probably no bad thing as it bought me back down with a bang.

    As I was told today, and it's really sunk in now, the easy thing is pulling the trigger, then the work really starts.

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    well done jono nice write up and a very nice cple of days ab doug.

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    Well done, Waidmannsheil!
    A great way to start off with a new rifle....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    A very nice write up, well done.Tom

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    Thanks Guys, off to try for a CWD this week, so fingers crossed.

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    best of luck!
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Thanks to a kind offer by Stevew from the stalking directory today I have been out to try for a CWD, he took me to some cracking ground near Bedford to try our luck, we arrived at first light, and went to his high seat, sat watching the edge of the woods, and having a catch up, talking family, fowling etc, I would have been happy to see one let alone have a shot at one.

    Nothing happened at first light just pheasants and pigeons coming out of the wood, it was chilly so he said let's go for a wander. Back to the truck to pick up my roe sack and off we went, it was a cold wind and Steve said they like to sit in the sun, so we worked our way round the farm, unfortunately the first one spotted us before we spotted it. Stood on top of the hill we spied two sat in the middle of the field at the far field, Steve said that with the wind as it was we should stalk right round the boundary. So we gradually worked our way round, stopping to spot them very so often. Getting closer and closer, they remained in the field, we then crept up the hedge on hands and knees, unfortunatly Bedford farmers cut thier hedges lower than norfolk ones.

    As as we got to within a shot I put my sticks up, went onto the neck of the buck as he lay there, looking straight at me, fired the shot and promptly missed. Steve had also watched the bullet hit the soil to the side. Not sure what went on, my breathing was all over, excitement or nerves, but at the shot the buck was off one way and the doe went the other. As she went past us at 70 yards, she stopped, this is where my inexperience showed, quite simply I did not have chance to get onto her, I was not quick enough, she was then off again.

    After missing the munty in the week I was somewhat dispondent, so Steve suggested we went off for breakfast before heading to another farm which didn't have as many but we would have a good chance as they liked to lay out in the sun and there were some sheltered fields. so after a massive fry up and a couple of cups off strong coffee we headed out again.

    When we arrived the landowner was passing and I was introduced to him, he told us that they had been laying in the shelter on the edge of the cover crops, we set off to do a circuit of the farm, and walked round 80% of it, without seeing anything, as we came round the corner of a wood I spotted one sat out in the ploughed field, Steve said that he would stop where he was and I was to go on ahead, so I lowered myself into the dyke, and crept along it, fortunately I think the strong wind took the sound of the cracking twigs away from the deer and it just lay out in the field. Creeping along the dyke I got to a culvert so had to belly crawl out and over before creeping further along the dyke to get to the point where I could take the shot, slowly edging out of the dyke I set up the bi-pod and waited for a shot to present itself, it was going to have to be a neck shot again but this time I have time to settle my breathing, wait until it lifted its head, and then took the shot, this time I was certain and had my first CWD in the bag.

    We stood back and watched until the nerves settled. Then went over, it was a nice doe, in great condition, shaking Steve hand I said a massive thanks for taking me out. After the practice this week the gralloch went well, and she was soon in the roe sack, I found them very challenging to stalk because of thier habbit of sitting in the middle of fields, but really enjoyable and I am looking forward to enjoying it when we eat it.

    Been a great week for stalking and experience for me. I have been out with some very generous experience stalkers who have shared their knowledge unreservedly, helping me on my journey.

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    Only just seen this thread mate , aint you been a busy bee and well done lol ! that rife is a cracking bit of kit it shot brilliant from the start glad your getting to grips with it.

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    Thanks Bob, out again Thursday am, it's not quiet wildfowling, but I'm loving it. Agree it's a great rifle, but having walked for what seemed miles Sunday I was thinking about a lighter one as well. Will try and give you a call this week for a proper catch up.

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