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Thread: RCBS 10-10 scales

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    RCBS 10-10 scales

    Hi Guys

    My RCBS 10-10 scales are no longer being used so up for grabs

    The RCBS 1010 Scale is a great scale for measuring accurate powder charges. It features two poise adjustments that allow for easy measurements in 1/10 grain increments.
    The magnetic dampening and non-stick anti-spill aluminum pan help to ensure that the scale is quick and powder spill will be minimal.
    comes boxed with original plastic cover and all accessories including the test weight and instructions

    Technical Information:

    Capacity: 1010 Grains
    Material: Metal Alloy base and beam, hardened steel pivot knives, aluminum pan
    Units: Grains
    Accuracy: +/- 1/10 Grain
    Accessories: Aluminum Pan
    Features: Self-aligning agate bearings

    looking for 120 posted


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    sensible offers considered

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