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Thread: Joining new Syndicate on the Veluwe

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    Joining new Syndicate on the Veluwe

    As promised my follow up on the thread:

    I have had my interview and i passed . The interview might have been a slight formality because i got several good reviews and recommendations by other stalkers prior to me talking to the commission thats makes the final decision, but its now official. From the beginning of april I am in a syndicate in the North of the Veluwe, which is our biggest Nature Reserve in the middle of the Netherlands. It is about 2850 hectares and there are 8 people (including me) in the syndicate. The permission consists of about 85% woodland and the rest heather, arable lands, meadows and streams/wetland. Species are wild boar, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and muflon. Last year 110 wild boar where taken, 20 red deer, 25 fallow, not sure how many roe and muflon.

    Happily looking forward to this new "adventure" which off course I will be sharing with the SD in stories and pictures. Maybe in future i will get some more opportunity for swap stalks. For now i will be exploring the grounds and possibilities and begin to enjoy hunting and shooting again.

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    Excellent news Ruud! Well done mate
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hi Ruud!
    Great to hear that....
    As I said in Dortmund: It will work out, sooner or later!
    I think, that was quick, well done!
    Atb and Waidmannsheil on the ground
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    glad to hear your sorted
    im sure it will all work out well
    regards Pete

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    So the stories I heard from other Dutch hunters, that all shooting of life quarry in the Netherlands is now forbidden, is not true?
    The Veluwe is a great area, one of the last few bits of Dutch wild countryside, so enjoy your stalking!
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    Had to look up the Veluwe on internet/ google earth.
    Looks very interesting........Good Hunting

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    I worked out of Lelystad a few years back, so not far from Veluwe i dont think? Look forward to see how you get on! Im going to Leeuwarden with work for a few weeks in April, Is there much hunting related stuff up there? Any good hunting shops etc or places where i could have a wander and see Boar etc?

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    Hi Ruud, good luck with the new syndicate, hope the other members are better behaved than the last ones
    sounds as if you are going to have a few adventures on the new ground,enjoy and keep us all posted.
    all the best jab

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