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Thread: technical tweed

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    technical tweed

    just had a look at the musto technical tweed range on thier website...

    very smart quite fancy that but holy sh!t its pricey

    mind you all shooting apparel is i guess

    have a few decent coats odd pair o trousers etc but always liked the smart look o tweeds..


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    They are superb, my friends clubbed together to buy me a coat years ago, and it's still fantastic. Musto mainly make sailing clothing, hence the fact that they're pretty good at making warm, waterproof gear.

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    to be honest i have aload of mid range gear already that does the job.....andi have some old milsurp gear thats fine...i just like the look o the tweeds and it is nice to be smartish if bang itno joe public whilst out at the doo's or a stalk ( my small permission i have quite public)
    i do have an odd old pair o plus fours handed down fae keepers etc and i think rhey are brilliant to wear just throwon and then the wellies or hunter boots and away lamping or whatever.

    i see hoggs o fife sell a good range o tweeds at good price that to be honest would do for what little i do ...with the ablity to look smart as i get the very occasional shout to help out loading.


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    I know what you mean. For me, having clothing that I can wear on my way to and from stalking that enables me to melt into the urban crowd is important. Urban camouflage if you will. But also I just like stuff that looks nice. Breeks though... Well, I just haven't been able to bring myself to invest in half a pair of silly trousers. I've contemplated it at times over the years, and in the end, I just can't quite take that step.

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    Come to the tweedy side....

    Harris Tweed, Original Harris and Herringbone Tweed available as cloth or Suits, Jackets, and Trousers,Ladies skirts

    they'll make them in as silly a tweed as you should see the jacket i got. the full combo is like jackie stewart on burns night. Blending in only possible when ramraiding a tartan mill...

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    i own enough tweeds as it is ,though is fancied some seeland plus fours with a tech liner they were fine to stand about in but were far to warm for hill walking so my wife took out the liner ,and mutterd all the while she worked on them about been taken in with the blurb .Pine Marten ,dont worry about walking around town in silly trousers ,perhaps breeks are silly , plus fours are class ,i have walked around London in my tweeds along with my wife in her tweed skirt outfit ,not both in the same tweed now that would look silly,a gent in pinstripe and bowler spoke to us and thought it was nice to se a touch of the country in the city ,pehaps he was as nuts as us .

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