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Thread: 30R Blaser

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    30R Blaser

    I have been asked to reload for a 30R Blaser bolt action. The plan is to shoot 180 gr bullets and as there is a marked shortage of reloading data on the web (that I can find) apart from a few recipe guides on Reloadersnest.

    This is a brand new custom rifle and the few factory rounds I have put down over the target are returning around 1.3" It's eventual use will be in Africa out to ranges around the 300 to 500 yds so I would like this beast to return >1".

    His factory ammo is costing 53 per 20, so obviously reloading is the way to go.

    Question is - do any SD members reload for this calibre and can give me a guide to what they use - 180 gr or other weight that has worked for them.


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    Hi Peter,

    By the lack of responses to your thread im guessing that this very interesting calibre isn't yet much in use on SD. Hopefully someone on here will have some good info for you but in the meantime perhaps I can tell you about my experiences reloading for my 8 x 68S. I found only limited information available so worked up my loads from scratch. I was able to draw on info about 300 Win Mag which has very similar powder capacity to 8 x 68. I began by using Re 22 but eventually realised that Vit N 160 was a better powder for the 180g - 200g bullets. The 30R appears to be mid way between 30 06 and my 8 x 68 in powder capacity but I reckon that N 160 will work well for the 180s and Re22 for the 200s. Not much help I know but good luck with your project. I know from past threads that you are a very experienced reloader so let us know how you get on.

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    According to Chuck Hawks

    The .30R Blaser Rifle Cartridge

    By Chuck Hawks

    German ammunition giant RWS collaborated with Blaser in the design and 1990 introduction of the .30R Blaser rifle cartridge. "R" stands for "rimmed" in European cartridge parlance. The .30R Blaser is a long, magnum-esque cartridge that substitutes a rim for the usual magnum belt. The .30R sports a sharp shoulder and short neck, common (if unfortunate) attributes of modern design.

    The .30R uses normal .308" bullets. This is good for reloaders, as there are a plethora of .308" bullets available. Not so good is the almost total lack of reloading data for the cartridge, at least in North American reloading manuals. RWS publishes .30R reloading data for European reloaders, mostly using European powders that are largely unavailable in the U.S.

    RWS factory loads using 150 grain bullets advertise a MV of 3085 fps and ME of 3165 ft. lbs. RWS factory loads with 180 grain bullets feature a MV of 2820 fps and ME of 3190 ft. lbs. This makes the ballistic performance of the .30R Blaser nearly identical to that of the wildcat .30-06 Ackley Improved cartridge, which has had a small but loyal following for over 60 years.

    The .30R Blaser is based on a big case that measures 2.68" long. It has a rim diameter of .531", a head diameter of .480", shoulder diameter of .441". The overall cartridge length is 3.8".

    It would be fair to say that any big game hunting you could do with the .30-06 Springfield, .30-06 Improved, .300 H&H, or for that matter the 8x60S, you could also do with the .30R Blaser. The .30R Blaser is a fine all-around rifle cartridge, but there is no shortage of established rifle cartridges offering this approximate level of performance.

    Note: A full length article about the .30R Blaser can be found on the Rifle Cartridge Page.

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    Just wondered if you had any pictures of the rifle please

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    Andy - Many thanks for your input. I had it in my mind that I would consider N160 and perhaps N140 as first choices in powder for this rifle and that is where I shall probably end up.

    Heym - Thanks also for that - actually what you have put into this thread was the first thing I found on the web. When I first shot it a couple of days ago having put the new scope on it, I thought it was quite a recoil rifle, however as I continued with it I really got to looking forward to squeezing the trigger.

    Surgemaster - When I go over to the workshop on Monday, I will take my camera and get a couple of snaps of it and report back giving a few words about this rifle.


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    Hi Peter,

    did you ever get a decent load for the 30R.
    I'm thinking of getting an express in that cal, and reloading with the heavier range bullets for driven boar.
    Did it perform to your liking in SA?



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    Don't have one, but had saved some loads I found on a Blaser owners' site some while back.

    Available .30 R Blaser Loads

    150 Alliant/Herc Reloder-22
    68.0M CHARGE
    3069 VELOCITY
    3138 KE

    180 Alliant/Herc Reloder-22

    220 Alliant/Herc Reloder-22

    250 Alliant/Herc Reloder-22

    Blaser K95. use a chrony for testing velocity. Temp 24 C. RWS cases, CCI 250 primer.
    63g/RL-22/180 Hornady BTSP 2797 fps
    64g/RL-22/180 Hornady BTSP 2840 fps
    64g/RL-22/180 Nosler Ball. Tip 2857 fps
    65g/RL-22/180 Hornady BTSP 2878 fps
    65g/RL-22/180 Nosler Ball. Tip 2904 fps
    66g/RL-22/180 Hornady BTSP 2930 fps
    66g/RL-22/180 Nosler Ball. Tip 2936 fps
    I must full length size after every shot. No high pressure sign.

    ---- and some loads posted on a reloading forum ----------------

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