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Thread: Cz .17hmr varmint

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    Cz .17hmr varmint

    Again selling another of my rifles because of financial reasons this is my cz varmint .17 hmr it's about 2 years old and I've owned it from new and it's had less than 150 rounds through it. It's semi custom as I have upgraded from the wooden stock to the plastic stock from the silhouette model, which is much lighter. A trigger kit has also been fitted. I am unsure on the make of the moderator but it is proofed and again is very lightweight and efficient. The scope is a hawke endurance 30 2.5-10x56 ir. Also comes with sling and bipod and whatever remaining ammo I have ( about 50 rounds of 17grns ) I'd like to sell the package for 500
    can send pictures via email. Struggling to upload on here

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    PM sent

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    Any chance ot some photos please,

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