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Thread: trg42 and ancils

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    trg42 and ancils

    for sale 4200 or nearest offer

    trg42 .338 lpm

    1x Schmidt & bender pm 2 5-25x56 illuminated scope with a p4f ret adjustments in mills

    trg bipod

    acushot bt12-qk mono pod

    reflex t8 moderator

    1 and a half tubs of hogdon h4831sc powder

    owners and maintainance manual for trg22/42 rifle

    140 nosler accu bond spitzer .338 250gr bullets

    25 sieera game king 250gr spitzer

    100+ once fired .338 lpm cases a mix of hornaday and lapua brass

    one set .338 redding dies

    50 hand loaded .338 lpm rounds the makeup of the rounds are as follows
    bullet: 250gr interlock hornaday
    cases: a mix of lapua and hornaday
    powder: 85.5 grs of hogdon H4831sc
    primer: federal premium large magnum rifle

    primers: 178 federal premium large magnum rifle
    95 federal number 215 large magnum rifle

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20140224_190322.jpg   20140224_190336.jpg   20140224_190402.jpg   20140224_190411.jpg   20140224_190450.jpg  

    20140224_190504.jpg   20140224_190517.jpg   20140224_190534.jpg   20140224_190623.jpg   20140224_190635.jpg  

    20140224_190658.jpg   20140226_131819.jpg   20140226_131825.jpg   20140226_131845.jpg   20140226_131855.jpg  

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    Don't suppose you want to split the powder ??

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    sorry but want to sell it all in one go.

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    This is a great buy,serious kit.
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    What a rifle and scope, one on my wish list.................and at this moment it will have to stay there. Hope you get a buyer soon. Cheers Bob.

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    thanks for the comments. its a seriouse bit of kit for the seriouse shooter.

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    I know someone around Halkirk looking for something like this. He has some high quality night vision if you were interested! I have sent him a message. What is your nearest town?

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