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Thread: stalking rifle?

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    stalking rifle?

    What is the best factory rifle out there at the moment? Are blaser and sauer rifles any further ahead than the likes of sako 75? I always get the temptation to chuck all my rifles in and just get one 'good' one. But on the other hand they wont drop any more deer I suppose?

    Think I've got a new gun craving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Tika M595
    My .22-250 is a M55 I got from new. TBH I dont see it being particularly better than a T3? Plastic instead of metal doesnt really bother me ?

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    I think it is all a matter of preference,among the top brands, of which you mentioned three,there is very little in it......

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    I have a Sauer stalking rifle and love it ! BUT the stalking rifle that is my first choice out of the safe is my Remington .

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    You can only use one at a time! Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. All my rifles have different things going for them. If it is not the benefit of a certain caliber it is the appearance of the woodwork and the feel of it in my hands. Or the confidence of a solid setup with a heavy barrel and a long range scope. Then there are my trusty work-horses. Then I'm back to square one again.

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    For a little more dosh than a over priced Blazer get a nice custom rifle..... A Sauer with nice would would be nice though if you fanied carrying it every where in a slip.


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    Love my Sauer's. one in .308 which I'm going to chop down to 18" for woodland with a CMM4 mod for light easy handling. Other a 6.5x55 with maxim mod for longer range stuff or on the hill. Then soon to pick up a browning A bolt in 22-250 for munty and scottish roe. Nice short barrel with Cmm4 again. All synthetic. I love nice wood but a rifle is to be used and my fun comes from getting stuck in and stalking. Not polishing the rifle. Sauer are light, durable, well made and look nice. Blazer too heavy for me for little gain with straight pull. Ok if the deer stood still and you could get all shots off quick.

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    Nothing like having something built to your spec and getting it right, done it once, about to do it again!

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