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Thread: Snapped my Knife

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    Snapped my Knife

    Yesterday I snapped the tip off my knife!!!! (Spyderco endure foliage) so im not a happy chappy.

    What do I do? Do I buy the same knife again or go for something completely different?

    I do have a trout knife but I stopped using that as it was too nice to use.
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    Use the Trout knife and enjoy it.

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    How much of the tip did you snap off?

    If only a small amount then consider getting the knife blade re-profiled. Otherwise consider selling the broken knife, either to me or to someone else on British Blades

    So far as a new knife, the majority are likely to suggest going with a Mora or something similar - cheap, sharp, disposable. Or of course you can go for an Enzo, a Fallkniven, etc. Or to a full custom knife. At the end of the day the choice is down to you.

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    for Gods sake Gav! just cough up and buy a bloody tin opener!
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    What were you doing with the knife at the time to snap the tip off it? Was is misuse for example?

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    Unless you lost a lot of metal you could simply have it re-finished and re-profiled by someone who knows what they're doing.

    Provided the knife is worked cold you won't risk buggering up the temper, but that's not of much use it you dinged an inch or so off the end...

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    It was Missue! I levered it as i dug it in!!!! about 1" is missing from the end!

    I really liked the shape of it, so doubt I will get it reshaped although depending what can be done and how much????

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    Opinel every time , no tears if you loose or break it , just a tenner for a new one good steel as well.

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    Hi Trout,

    Just use the trout knife, don't see the point of buying a good knife and not using it.


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