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Thread: ATN scopes - any good?

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    ATN scopes - any good?

    Still trying to work out what rifle to get. Anyway the latest I'm lookjng at has anATN scope on it. Would rather something a bit germanic and this is a massive 4-12 x 60 with illuminated ret etc. Is this worth anything and the sort of thing that I could swap for fixed mag meopta etc?

    Thanks again SD

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    Try it first, I have one with BDC turrets and I find it plenty good enough. The were fitting to military rigles, on ATN site you can see the models and spec.
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    In had one about 10 years ago, built in the USSR marketed by US company, it had every thing on it, the reticule was a inverted V charismas tree type, it was very heavy and I doubt you could have broken it but the glass was pretty average.



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    This model Seems to be about $600 in the states, don't know why we don't have them here. Apparently can dial in different distances etc, and may have a rangefinder in it too, need to check. Perhaps they don't work properly!

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