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Thread: Dilema what to sell

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    Dilema what to sell

    I have put in for a variation to start my progress towards stalking and I have come to the conclusion that I will have to sell a firearm along with a shotgun in order to fund the purchase of a new rifle.

    My dilemma is what to sell. I either sell my Finnfire in .22lr or a .17hmr.

    I currently control rabbits and am moving to Fox. The finnfire I love but it isn't suitable for Fox, some of the land. I'm on isn't suitable for a centrefire so I can't use it for Fox accross the board.

    I'd rather sell the .17 but the .22 doesn't cover enough options, it is also further complicated by the .17 being tricky in a couple of places for rabbit!

    What to do!

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    Sell the 17, it isn't a fox round anyway.
    The .22 will do the rabbits and close range fox, conditions allowing.
    Get whatever you buy for deer conditioned for AOLQ and your sorted.


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    ^^^^^^^ what he says
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    glad i sold mine and kept the.22 cz

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    I'm in the same boat. Prefer the finnfire as a rifle but the .17hmr as a caliber. Can't chose!

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    the 17 has a slot in my cabinet, and the 22 has not?

    never the less both have gone and i would only have a 17 back, i dislike the 22lr for nothing other than its rick 'o' sha factor, i found the 17 to do all i wanted and more, but as said both went as i needed to sell up to pay bills, and now back in work i have my 2 rifles that i use the most, and 1 day i will have a 17 again.

    ps: my force do not issue (well they have never put it on my ticket) AOLQ, they put on what i use each caliber for and thats that.

    best of luck, the finnfire is a cracking rifle, sold mine to a great rifle builder and he still has it to this day.

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    Keep them both and get a cheap beaten up Parker hale to start you off
    plenty around privately

    my last one cost me a box of Amax!

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    lose the 17, hands down. however, look to add a proper foxing calibre.

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    You will seriously regret getting rid of the Finnfire.

    Bin bag the 17 hummer - and get a proper fox cal

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