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Thread: SHR 970 & ATN Scope v Lakelander & Swaro

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    SHR 970 & ATN Scope v Lakelander & Swaro

    So here it is:

    After a lot a lot of help from SD members, consideringvarious 270 rifles all around the country, it has come down to two completelydifferent rifles:

    SIG SHR 970 Alpine, with ATN 4-12x60 scope, Harris swivel bipodand sling, all in mint condition, NOT screw cut


    Old Lakelander 389 in ok but old nick, screw cut with SwaroHabicht 1.5-6x42 in reasonable nick

    Lakelander is 50 more

    I am pretty sure the SHR will shoot really well, but I hatethe idea of the scope, which is what is really stopping me go for it. If howeverit proves to gather light well I suppose I will keep it, apparently they areabout $600 in the US so surely won’t be terrible. Ideally however I would likea 6 x 42 or 5 x 70 in Meopta as min quality on it.

    Most of my shooting with this will be an annual hill trip,although I do quite a lot of high seating and field shooting in Sussex. I havea lovely old school Husqvarna 243, not screw cut, that I tend to use for thatjob. Might be that the 270 takes over it though. One of the rifles will need amod at some stage. I know these rifles are completely different, and a plasticanything would be a departure for me, but at least it’s a random model of gunwhich does appeal!

    Would put a popcorn smiley in the post about now if I knewhow to. Let the battle commence….

    Thanks all SD members in advance for helpful comments.


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    I only know about the SHR 970. I have two, and a friend has one in .30-06.
    Mine are in .308, .280 Remington, and an extra .270 Winchester barrel.

    All of these shoot factory ammunition into five shots touching.
    Premium match loads and handloads they shoot into small overlapping holes.

    Weight is 7 lbs, 8 oz in wood, 6 lbs 10.5 oz in synthetic stock.

    I use a 6x42 on the .308 and a Burris FFII 2-7x35 on the .280.

    With the synthetic stock on, they are very weather proof, as all the metal is aluminum or stainless steel, and Iaflon ( Teflon ) coated. The barrel is fairly thick, but only 22 inches, not 24. That is great for stalking and walking, but some folks want 24 inches for a .270 Win.

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    I have a HR 970 in 6.5x55 with the teflon stuff coating. There is only one negative to this rifle as far as I can tell - the fact that its going to be very very hard to get spares with it being out of manufacture . But thats it. I would heartily recommend it. This is the rifle I pick up if the weather is pants or the going is tough.

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    Just wondering about your set up.
    Is your SHR 970 in the synthetic stock, and what telescopic sight?
    Do you do a lot of walking with it, carrying it in your hands? I am wondering how you like the weight and balance, vs a lighter rifle like a Remington Model 7 or Tikka T3 Lite.

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    I have an SHR970 Deluxe in 25-06 and love it , I bought it new 6 ish years ago for the bargain price of 750 and I don't think I'll ever part with it. Having said that I'm thinking of having it re barrelled in 30-06 as I've just been offered a tikka stainless laminate in 25-06 which is mint having shot very few rounds and it's the rifle I shot my first deer with.

    the deluxe models comes with great looking wood and a set trigger but as far as I know the set trigger is not on the base models. My mates 308 has a plastic stock which seems very stable and doesn't flex too much off a bipod on the other hand my wood stock although great to look at had terrible flex when I first got it but a mate milled out the forestock and inlaid 3 lengths of carbon fibre tube with chop fibreglass. It's now rock solid and shoots a dream when I do my bit although I am getting to the end of the barrels life.

    ive been trying to find McMillan stock of a STR970 for 4 years but they are like rockin horse poo and I've had no luck.


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    CDNN sold off some of the wood stocks for US$50, barrels for $100, and McMillan STR stocks for a song, a few years ago. I grabbed a synthetic stock and spare .270 barrel. Most of the STR stock I have seen were on .300 Win Mags.

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    Well due to an overrun in the cost of our new roof, I ended up going for an old cheap winchester mod70 westerner in reasonable nick, with a mod and rings, and I'll put my deutche 4x42 on it and think myself lucky I could have one at all. I expect it should shoot ok, and will give me a chance to play with the calibre. If it's a shooter, one day I'll get a better scope and maybe synthetic stock and cerakote it, if not I'll keep the mod and at the price should shift it fine for a donor gun, or someone else to tinker with. Sure I'll recover the small change it cost me.

    I would have loved that nearly new SHR though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    Just wondering about your set up.
    Is your SHR 970 in the synthetic stock, and what telescopic sight?
    Do you do a lot of walking with it, carrying it in your hands? I am wondering how you like the weight and balance, vs a lighter rifle like a Remington Model 7 or Tikka T3 Lite.
    I have the synthetic stock, a T8 Mod on the front and a MTC viper 4-16x50 on top. I know the scope is a bit pants but it was what I had at the time and I'm upgrading. I tend to walk with it and carry it on a sling. OK it's not a light weight but it's not unmanageable as I mainly stalk woodland and shoot off sticks.

    I haven't tried many other rifles to know how it would stack up against a T3 Lite, but my Sako 85 Classic in .243 is noticeably lighter but then as soon as I slap a mod on the front of that it's not as graceful to use...

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    I've just acquired one o these and very nice it is too, if you dont mind me asking, what ammo do you find shoots well?

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    By using a 6x42 on one and a 2-7x35 Burris on the other, I have kept the weight of the rifles to under 8 pounds, and they feel very good in my hands, or on a sling. The molded plastic stock is very rigid, and feels solid, and is lighter than the wood by 6 ounces.

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