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Thread: Charity Stalk

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    Charity Stalk

    A close family friend has recently been given the all
    clear after a lengthy battle with cancer...
    He has been through the wringer, had operations,
    chemotherapy, the whole works.

    He is now in the process of raising funds for Cancer
    Research and Mc Millen Nurses.. . Ultimately whatever
    he raises will be split and donated between these

    With this in mind, and with the kind permission of
    Konstantinos, Tom, Ed, Stephen (all members of SD) who are allowing
    me to use their ground if need be, I would like to offer
    a morning stalk to one individual from the site.

    The stalk will last for a minimum of four hours and
    can be for a yearling doe, or a young buck when they come
    into season.

    We have the choice of four different bits of ground
    which can be decided closer to the time... most being in Ayrshire.

    What i'm looking for is a donation of £50.00 to this lads charity.

    For this you will get your morning stalk, a flask of coffee, a couple of Marlboro
    Lights if your that way inclined, and get to keep any beast you shoot.

    There will not be any shot fees, miss fees, slipped and fell on your arse fees.
    It will simply be a nice informal morning stalk and a bit of banter.

    Like anything stalking related there are no guarantees of a beast, but I
    can almost guarantee that we will at least see some deer, and i'll try my
    level best to get you onto one.

    Finally, if you have access to plenty of stalking please leave to someone else
    who is maybe less fortunate and dosnt have their own ground.

    If we get a few replies it will be names in a hat.

    £50.00 for a morning stalk, all of which goes to charity, and you get
    to keep a beast if successful, it's not a bad deal.
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    Pm sent

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    A few PMs coming in. . For those who are asking i'm very flexible on dates.
    Will pull name out of the hat Sunday evening to keep it fair..

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    Hi Cadex

    Can you do a afternoon, thinking that if I was lucky enough I would tie it in with a journey north

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    I can do either morning or afternoon mate, the reason I stipulated morning
    was because knowing my ground, that's when you would have the best
    chance of success.

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    Many thanks to everyone who PM'd me.
    Some very generous offers from some cracking SD members.
    A special mention to ferretfiddler and his buddy who were actually willing
    to pay more if successful.

    As initially stated however, and to keep things fair it's name from a hat, or
    truth be told name from a breakfast cereal bowl ..

    ALLAN GO51 ... the offer goes to you mate, i'll drop you a PM
    with my phone number to make arrangements.
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    I actually can't believe I have won this because I never win anything lol.

    Many thanks for for this offer.

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    What a really generous offer I would like just to make a donation of £20 for a terrific cause allengo51 enjoy your stalk pal

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    What a really generous offer I would like just to make a donation of £20 for a terrific cause allengo51 enjoy your stalk pal
    Nice touch - having lost two family members to cancer, one currently suffering with the darned thing - I think the charity stalk is a great thing, I'll also be making a donation to Macmillan for all the work they do and did for those close to me.

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