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Thread: just for leagle

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    just for leagle

    just for you leagle
    think this might be usefull

    forelegs left on for demo purposes
    cut around the joint in the front leg

    and bend backwards

    then twist 360%

    and cut off

    next i use a sharp knife using the tip start to slice between the skin and the ribcage trying not to cut the skin or score to deep into the breast meat

    i then start from the rear legs cutting from the joint to the pelvic bone, again tip of the knife not digging in and cutting into the haunch

    this is then continued into and around the shoulder

    from there i should of cleaned the skin from the carcass from the back leg all the way upto the neck on both sides of the carcass

    now i lift the carcass up with the winch to a workable height

    from there i skin around the haunch and down its back straps

    at this point you should be able to use a little brute force to pull the skin down further towards the neck

    normaly i would of cut the head on the same night it was shot, but was unsure about having this paticular beast sent to the taxidermist, but decided against it today
    i usually place a cut at the base of the ears where the atlas joint is, (knife there for illustration purposes only)

    and cut all around the neck and then pull back

    and twist

    then cut any offending sinuse so the head should now be seperated from the carcass

    after that i truss the front legs up nice and neatly

    i then weigh and log the details

    after that i place in 2 layers of muslin tube netting

    the skin is then layed out minus the head

    folded in half

    and half again

    then placed in a black bag and into the freezer awaiting to be tanned
    this may not be the best or fastest method but it is the way i used to do it before i made a sknning machine
    it normaly takes about half hour with out the pics, while slurping on a coffee

    now onto the next Part

    this one was a Fallow doe so about the same size as yours

    i remove the shoulders first
    i cut across the chest just above the shoulder blade

    then cut the flesh away from the rib cage by running the knife down tight against the ribs peeling the flesh back and then again cutting down the back bone
    this then starts to get the whole shoulder starting to fall away

    i then take the other shoulder off and go strip the meat off both shoulders
    one shoulder has been stripped and about to start the other , as you can see a pile of cut up meat starting to form on the right of the unstripped shoulder, you can bone and roll the shoulder or just use the whole shoulder as a joint

    next i start with the loin or saddle
    this i cut into chops or medallions
    i cut across the flank just below the haunches

    and cut down the rib cage leaving a genouros piece of fatty flank

    i then cut down the back bone peeling the loin away and also cut the flank away from the ribcage

    this then leaves me a good long pice of meat with a bit of fat on it

    which i then fold over

    and start to slice thumb width thick chops off it

    next i start on the haunches

    by cutting around the edge of the pelvic bone and along the back bone

    i then start to cut around the ball joint

    leaving me a whole haunch to then start to debone

    the hauch is the cut into 2 pieces
    one as a joint

    the other is placed in the freezer for a couple of hours to go solid then is sliced into steaks

    now you also should of accummilated a pile of meat that you hav cut of the shoulders and exces bits from the chops and from the steaks
    this i normally either cube the best bits and mince the rest

    a few of the trays of mince , cubed ,joints and chops ready to be packaged

    on the over wrapper ready and waiting

    and finished product

    also if you had a bit of spare meat or did not just want trays of mince
    you could try this

    then i cut the meat i stripped off into chunks or cubes around an inch in size

    after that i took an onion and whole clove of garlic

    finely chopped the onion and after peeling the garlic finely chopped that aswell
    along with thes ingredients i added around 3lbs of pork fat/belly draft and cut that into inch chunks/cubes aswell

    then mix all of these together in with the venison

    now every thing is ready to mince
    normally i would use the mincer in the larder , except that mincer works best if the meat is semi frozen
    i did not hav time to wait for that , so i used the mincer at home, a little slower
    but i can can hav a drink while i'm doing it
    i put the mixture through the mincer twice
    first on a coarse hole plate

    while this is gonig on i take a bit of the mince and fry it up just to see what the flavour is like
    to see if i need to add anything else

    once happy i then mince it again on a fine hole plate setting

    both coarse and fine together

    mincer working on fine setting

    next i lay out several wax discs , i use quarter pounder's (approx 4") from lakeland

    after that i roll hand full of mince into a ball and place on the disc's, once you hav done a few you will get an idea of how big a handfulll you will need (approx 100grams is a gude line)

    then place another wax disc on top of these , then use a hand held burger press , mine at home is a cheap amnd nasty plastic one but it works well

    once done i use a metal fish slice to lift the burgers of the work surface and place them in fours into a bag, plastic ones are a little thicker and often the front edge is damaged

    once all done and bagged up
    pop them onto a tray and into the freezer this keeps them from becoming mis-shaped , you can then re-pack them in freezer once the burger are frozen,

    now all done and time to tidy up
    one last thing to do
    cook one and try it

    Failing that give the butcher a ring


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    Great post! But you've set my big post Christmas belly off rumbling

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    Superb, nicely done!

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    that is a nice comprehensive post, I take it from that the boy got lucky yesterday


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    Good Job there I gotta say ,

    I wish I had the facilities....unfortunately I dont so I give a skinned
    beast to the butcher and he turns it into whatever cuts and presentation I tell him for 10/12 depending on beast size.
    Must get round to building a garage

    happy new year


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    Cheers Stone - I staretd salivating all over my desk just looking at all that luvver-lee venison piling up...!!

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    Thanks for taking the time to do this with all the great photos - I do my own skinning and butchery, but you have given me lots of pointers and ideas that will improve / add to what I have been doing.

    I have just purchased a mincer and so will be trying out your burger recipe.

    This is the kind of information sharing article that makes SD so valuable.


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    Wow mate thats some post and pickies

    Must have taken nearly as long as the butchering..

    Great post mate and great set up..

    Started making my list for Santa already after seeing that..


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    Rich I think there is something wrong with mine

    I left it all night in the barn like you said had a look this morning and it still ain't got no nice antlers like the one in your pics do I need to leave it a bit longer while they grow dude

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    yet another comprehensive post mate.

    You know how to live.
    Red wine
    AND Ketchup


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