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Thread: Scent masking spray?

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    Scent masking spray?

    Hope someone might have some direct experience of this?

    having been watching quite a few videos online of deer hunting in America (mostly white tails from tree stands), I have noticed that the hunters mostly seem to liberally douse themselves and their equipment in sprayed on scent masking spray directly before going hunting.

    I am currently having a problem in a wood I shoot, as the wind has been consistently in the wrong quarter for 2 of the 3 high seats (the seats that cover the area where the deer seem to be active at the moment!).

    so, does anyone know if scent masking spray works? And if it does is it available in the uk?

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    Just have a good wash with some soap mike and all will work

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    IMHO - No it doesn't, I wouldn't waste a penny on it, Wind is only part of the equation so I would suggest you need to look for other alternatives, Just my opinion and im sure someone will come along and say different, Im still to understand how a scent masking spray ACTUALLY works...!

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    Just bottle up some fox pee lol!

    a quick google turned this up

    "Cover scents serve the function of preventing the deer from detecting our human scent. There are quite a few different types of cover scent. It may be plant derivatives, animal urine, etc. Usually cover scents do not have high attraction qualities, but instead are intended to cover your human scent by putting a strong smell into the air. The smell of a masking scent is usually fairly strong and is not offensive to the deer. In addition to masking your human scent, some cover scents actually have fear reducing qualities - they seem to relax the deer and put him at ease.

    Cover scents are very useful to the big game hunter. Some of the better known masking scents are: Red Fox Urine, Coon Urine, and various plant derivatives. Earth and Acorn cover scents are among the finest.

    Red Fox Urine is one of the finest masking scents a hunter can use. In addition to its masking qualities, it has strong fear reducing qualities. For some reason, it really seems to put the deer at ease. It also has a low-grade attraction to deer. Use it to hide your trail and set it up to hide your human scent on your stand. If red fox are native to your area, it is an excellent scent to hunt with.

    Coon Urine™ is also an excellent masking scent. Some hunters feel that since raccoons climb trees, it is the right choice to use up in a tree stand. It is a very good masking scent and raccoon are in most parts of the country.

    Plain deer urine is also a good cover scent, in addition to being a good attractor. You can also use other attractor scents to help cover your scent.

    Plant derivatives are used in a variety of masking scents. Usually you want to pick one that is native to your area. The plant derivatives are usually a stronger and more concentrated in smell than just a plain plant would be. Some of the best are earth, acorn, and pine masking scents.

    If you hunt on the ground, set the masking scent up on wicks about 6 feet above the ground. If you hunt up in a tree stand, set some up 6 feet off the ground at the base of your stand and set some up about your height, near you in the tree on wicks. That way when the eddies of the wind shift the scents around, the deer should not be able to get a whiff of your human scent, without the masking scent being mixed with it.

    When you walk to your stand, masking scent can be very helpful at covering the scent in your tracks. Use a little on boot scent pads as you walk."

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    No offence but I would really like to know why people take in some of this stuff that is written, Seriously read it properly..! "Can be helpful (sorry VERY helpful) at covering the scent in your tracks - REALLY..! - Give me strength..!

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    I'm just off out to try to trap a fox so I can pi## milk it

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    I can recommend the fox pee I shot a dog last night for a guy a chicken killer it was, as I gloved and picked it up by the back legs its tail wrapped around the coat arm, it had bolted and struggled up a very wet hill after it heard me move my sticks, the stink I ended up with was worse than I ever had before, the wife banned me before I got in the door and I offed the coat to the shed, this morning we could smell it from the house, it had to be hosed down before it went straight in the wash, no idea why it was so bad but this sure would have been a good mask scent. lol

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    There seems to be 2 types, masking scents and scent killers - never tried either to be honest but some people seem to swear by the scent killer spray...

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    The various scent masking products work brilliantly, providing you manage to hold your breath during the entire stalk.
    I am not suggesting you have bad breath, my point is that you can not eliminate odours from humans by spraying them with a chemical dreamed up by clever marketing men if you don't also block off their a*s and mouth air-tight!
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    If you want to give it a go Mike try Brut 33 or Old Spice, Not fashionable I know but might do the trick..!

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