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Thread: .30-06

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    Hi Gents,
    I知 just looking for some general banter about this calibre. I stalk a lot and presently use the trusty .243. I love it and have no intentions of ever selling it. However, I am looking to expand the family living in the gun cabinet and was looking at the .30-06.
    I want it mainly for hill stalking, the odd fallow if I知 not using the .243 and to take abroad.
    The vast majority of people I speak to about getting a larger calibre always opt for the .308 but I want something that is versatile and can handle big game as well as british deer.
    I have not fired a .30-06 and wandered what sort of kick it gave and if the muzzle jump was bad. I really want a rife that is steady and you can watch the bullet strike through the scope. Something that really irritates me about the .243 but getting a T8 fitted next month so that should help that!
    Anyway, would love to hear all your thoughts.

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    Hi there,

    I have very little exoerience of a .308 and none at all of a 30.06, howver this debate appears to be what you need,

    Hope it is of use


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    .30-06 it's magic

    buy one, they are great. You can shoot 110grain varminters, 130 grain (some use them for roe) 150-165 grains for any deer, one bullet for all occassions. You can load 180s for pigs and when you go away you can go upto 220 gr. Upto 150 grains it performs similarly to .308win. This is a suprise as it has a much longer case, but .308 win uses faster burns and higher pressures. But above 150 grains it is head and shoulders above. It gives great performance and does not use as much powder asthe magnums that are a step up. componants and factory ammo is readily available world over. there is a huge choice of bullets.

    i use a 243 as well. when using 150 grain bullets the .30-06 has a very similar trajectory out to 250 yardsas 243 with 100s.

    The chairborne rangers will say it is too much gun. thats ********. It is less damaging to carcasses that light .243 loads, it kills things very well. there is no such thing as "too dead", but you can get "not enough dead!"

    HOWEVER you will not see your bullet strike unless you have arms like arnie. it is loud and, depending on load, does recoil.I don't feel it when stalking only when i put 30+ rounds on the range.

    the .30-06 is 101 years old for a reason. It is unfashionable at the minute so they will be cheap. but it is a true game getter.


    I like .30-06

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    Thanks for that, very interesting.
    So are there any calibres similar to the .30-06 that are not effected by muzzle jump. I feel it is one of my main issues that I cant watch the bullet strike. It would be particularly important with big game.
    Also do you think a T8 would help that then?

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    Hi 2428 Miles,

    I've got a 30-06 and wouldn't swop it for a .308. Have aslo got a .243 and as Swampy says the trajectory for 150 grn bullets are very simular to that of 100grn's fired from a .243.

    I also find it more plesent to shoot than a .308, although the rifle has got a muzzle break fitted to it which does have an effect on recoil and also seams to cnfuse the deer as to were the shot has come from so they stand around long enough for a secon shot on another deer.

    The recoil isnt for the faint hearted but you do get use to it and when you take the shot on an animal you do see the strick as the muzzle flip isn't to bad.

    In addition there is a varst array of bullets available for the caliber but would recomend sticking to 150 grn.

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    Swampy... I like your thinking!

    I've used a 30-06 with a t8 and it's just nice, cuts down the kick and muzzle flip,and lets you whatch the deer fall over instead of running off with a little hole in it!

    People slag off the 30-06 and 270 saying they are a bit brutal, but you stick a can on them and you got a comfortable flat shooting animal stopper. Muzzle brakes are also good but a bit harsh on your ears.

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    Your right about muzzle brakes being harsh on your ear's, but until I fit a moderator to my boomer then got to live with it.

    Yes and people do have a go at the old 30-06 but there's a good reason why it's been around since 1906 and still going strong. It's a good caliber which wouldn't feel out of place in Poland on boar and in Africa on some of the plan's game or Scotland.

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    o.k well I知 still set on the old 30-06 but what are your thoughts regarding a different calibre that doesn稚 have too much muzzle flip but similar performance to the 30-06.

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    Hi 2428 Miles,

    You can add my vote to all the above posts for the 30-06, I also use a 150 grain head in my reloads for fallow, munty and roe (not shot red yet). Like the others I also shoot a .243.

    I have not found the 30-06 to be hard on the shoulder unless I'm putting 50+ rounds up the range seated behind a bench. I actually find it a very pleasant calibre to use but you won't keep a sight picture unfortunately.


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    if muzzle flip is your main issue and you don't want to mod or brake it, then i'd reccommend a heavy barrelled weapon.

    The only other calibre that i've used that might be suitable for you is the 7x57, but it doesn't cut the mustard velocity wise with comparable bullet weights. Upto 140 grains it's as sweet as a nut and tends to kill very well.

    the 25-06 gives minimal muzzle flip but only really effective with bullet weights upto and including 100 grains.

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