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Thread: Measuring trophy heads

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    Measuring trophy heads

    Evening all,
    I have a nice little Muntjac head in my freezer. In fact its the chap in my trophy room 'The Lastest Muntjac Buck'. I would like to get him measured up to see if he is a medal head.

    How do I do this?

    Where do you get it done?

    How much does it cost?

    Thank you for your advice in this matter.

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    I have the CIC scoring formulae for most species including muntjac on Excel spreadsheets. I'd be happy to email it to anyone who wants it.

    I think that a weak right antler might spoil your chances on the buck you mentioned although the left looks good.

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    Hi Paul,
    Yes the right antler is missing its tip, but even without it, its measures 4.9 ins in length. The left is 5.2ins. Much bigger than anything else in my muntie head collection.
    Thank you!

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    PaulK could I bother you for a copy, please. I also have one or two heads that I would like to get a more firm idea about.


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    Hi Paul

    Could you send me one as well please..

    I shot a nice buck last year - and looking at some of the measurements inST this week got me thinking he could be bronze/silver -

    Appreciate your help

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the Excel spreadsheets, very much appreciated.


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    I also have spreadsheets for red, fallow, roe and sika in addition to muntjac - happy to share them.

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