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Thread: .243 brass

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    .243 brass

    got 150 once fired .243 norma cases no longer have a 243 could do with some .308 brass

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    I would like the 243 cases.

    As I could do with some .243 cases to start reloading do you want to sell them if so how much? or do you want to swap them for .308 cases?

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    not looking to sell them would much prefer to swap them for some .308 cases

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    I would like the 243 cases.
    Hi Stand Buck - I've got some once-fired .243 cases knocking around (Sako, some Federal, maybe a few Winchester). Not huge amounts, but if you'd like them I'll happily sling em to you in a jiffybag for nowt if you PM me your address. I'll root round and dig out as many as I can.



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    HI, HAVE YOU STILL GOT THE .243 BRASS CASES , I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN AQUIRING SOME . seta10golf. if you can get back to me I would appreciate it . Regards

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    You'd think they've probably been sold or swapped in the 6 years since this thread was started!
    you need to post an introduction or you won't be here for very long.

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